Can we have food items set to appear every day without having to add them?

The most obvious food item someone may consume every day is Water. I ABSOLUTELY want this to appear every day without having to add it. I will need to adjust the amount throughout the day. I guess it would also be nice to have a goal related to water. The default calculation is that we should half the pounds of our body weight and drink that many ounces of water per day, right? So could that be a daily target calculation that we could track?

But back to having a daily item, a lot of people may want to add coffee every day by default, as well as water. I would not limit the number of "automatic" items to 1. I'd love for us to be able to add as many automatic foods as we want.


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    Or thinking about the water goal, it could be a calculation as suggested, or you could override it with your own daily ounce goal.

  • Hi Horsenbuggy,

    Thanks for the suggestion - I will put this on the list of feature requests!

    If you commonly consume the same items each day, we have a quick way to 'Copy Previous Day' from the settings menu (gear icon) in your diary. It might save you a few clicks!


    Karen Stark
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  • Thanks for the tip about copy from previous day. I definitely need to start using that!

  • The tip to copy from previous day is a nice workaround. Haven't noticed it yet.

    I support the original feature request. I would be really helpful to be able to flag certain items you consume daily so that you only have to change the serving. Helps to not forget the daily staples like water, coffee, milk ...

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