Change the serving options on water (and maybe other liquids)?

I drink water by the liters. I'd love to just be able to enter 3 liters as my serving instead of having to do the math to convert to ounces. Could you add that to the existing Tap Water food item or do I need to create my own custom food item?


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    Hi Horsenbuggy,

    When I log water in my diary, I chose the 'g' serving size and then enter the amount of milliliters I have had., since 1 mL of water is equal to about 1 g.


    Karen Stark
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    Yeah, works too. I did create a custom food called Tap Water, 1 liter. I copied all the mineral values that would show up if I selected 33.8 ounces of water on the regular item. So I can now enter that with a serving size of 4. I just tend to think of water in terms of liters so I like not having to do any math at all.

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