Calorie count is double what the product facts say

I added 1 tbsp of chia seeds to my daily intake and it says the calories equal 130 but the bag says 1 tbsp is only 60 calories. It's Chosen Foods chia seeds and says serving size is 1 tbs and 12g and 60 calories.
I just started using the cronometer btw.



  • After posting I found out that I should report it so I did...

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    @hayley3, There seems to be a "Chosen Foods Organic Chia Seeds" with 60 cal for a tbs at 12g. It is barcode 853807005729.

  • That's the one I am talking about.

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    Maybe you entered 1 oz instead of 1 tbs? I'm confused - the app says 1 tbs is 60 cal, and that's what you said the bag stated. But something (your diary?) showed 130 cal? I tried entering 1 tbs and got 60 cal.

  • So I did report it and they just laughed at me and told me to look at the picture...wasn't sure what they meant but now I see there's a product image on their site of the nutrition label. However their's says 10.8kcal.....which is still 108 not 130.

  • No right on the bag that I am holding in my hand it says 1tbs=12g=60 calories

  • I entered 12g, which I thought would be more accurate.

  • I'd like to help you but I'm still lost. ;-). I tried entering 12g, and also got 60 cal, as expected. I don't understand your 130.

    Did they say look at the picture, or post a picture? When a disputed item is found, I've heard back and they requested I send a picture of the nutrition facts label, which is part of the validation process to ensure database integrity.

    Something still seems amiss... what exactly does the diary entry line say?
    Mine says: Chosen Foods, Organic Chia seeds 12 g 60 "

  • They removed the one I was having the issue with, evidently there are several. They are going to contact the company.
    The diary line says 130 calories for 12g.

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    A BIG thank you to @chunky for identifying the correct food item right away - great detective work!

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