Recomendation of multivitamin without B-12



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    If you are okay with eggs then sulphur is probably not an issue for you. They make me feel like someone has disconnected my battery and then there's the constipation that follows..... nice! :)

    with nuts.... if you are not good with damp and mould in houses maybe take time to wash any nuts before eating as they can have a fine layer of natural mould on them.

    good luck xx

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    But SERIOUSLY, is there a multi-vitamin that doesn't contain B-12??????

    There are many reasons someone would want to avoid it. When I saw this thread, I was SO hopeful that there would be at least ONE recommendation.

    Personally, I'm allergic to B-12 (cobalt). It gives me a rash around my eyes. If I continue taking it, the rash spreads to other parts of my face, and probably also manifests in symptoms I don't recognize. It had been about a year since I discovered I was allergic, and consequently stopped taking all supplements that contain B-12. My diet hasn't been the greatest, and I'm pretty sure I could use a boost in multiple nutrients, so I started taking a mult-vitamin again. After just a few days that rash is now back again. Ugh! I was feeling better on the multi, but I don't know if the cost of living with the rash is worth it.

    So, please, please, please if you know the name of a specific multi-vitamin that does not contain B-12 I would love it if you would post it here! (Please don't be offended when I don't engage in covos with well-meaning folks who think they can solve my health issues - I'm just looking for an answer to that ONE question.)

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