Recomendation of multivitamin without B-12


I was wondering if someone can recommend a multivitamin brand (good one) without vitamin B-12.

Thanks in advance!



  • Why do you want to exclude B12 from a multivitamin?
    Are you taking B12 supplements already?

  • Hi!

    I would like to exclude it because I have been taking a multivitamin Naturello 1-a-day (which contains about 400% RDI) for about a year, plus dissecated beef liver pills
    (about 800%RDI) for the last couple of months and in my blood test from a week ago my vitamin B-12 level was at the very high level of normal, about 860ng/mL

    So I was thinking that for some time I should take a multivitamin without it, to lower it a bit.

    Thank you!

  • @Maya

    It may be difficult to find a mv that doesn't contain B12. Because there is no upper limit and our bodies only absorb a small amount at a time, most manufacturers add it to the mix .

    While you wait for your B12 levels to drop, you could review ~ 1 month of dietary intake to see which nutrients are missing in your diet and just supplement those.

    Kind regards,

    Susan Macfarlane, MScA, RD
    Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
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    Hi Maya,
    The B12 doses you have been taking do not sound very high.

    Watch these videos from Dr Greger first:

    Dr Greger says the B12 RDA is 4-7mcg RDA updated from 2.4mcg RDA.

    The Naturelo 1-a-day for Women tablet contains 15mcg of B12.

    We can absorb 1.5-2.0mcg of B12 directly through receptors every few hours and 1% of the remaining B12 is absorbed by diffusion.

    How much B12 could be absorbed from 15mcg and 30mcg B12 tablets?
    For 15mcg, at most 2mcg (directly) + 0.01 * 13mcg (by diffusion) = 2.13mcg.
    For 30mcg, at most 2mcg (directly) + 0.01 * 28mcg (by diffusion) = 2.28mcg.
    These do not cover your RDA so you would need B12 from other foods.

    For some context, compare to the following doses.

    Dr Greger's recommended daily dose is 250mcg. He also says not to worry about taking higher doses since the excess passes out in urine. Wikipedia also says "Excess B12 beyond the blood's binding capacity is typically excreted in urine.".

    People with B12 deficiency can take daily oral doses of 1000mcg or 2000mcg.

    If you are a non-vegetarian you will also be getting B12 from your regular foods.

    You can read about B12 overdose ("it's almost impossible") here:

    Regarding high B12 blood levels, I don't know about this, but located these pages, in case you haven't read them.

  • Hi Susan and Hobo,

    Thank you very much for replying and posting this interesting info!

    Thanks to the message from Hobo, I understood that there are several measuring units for the B 12 in a blood test, and after checking, I saw that mine is in fact within the normal range (860pg/mg, and the upper limit is 950 here in Spain).

    So I suppose I can continue taking Naturelo without being afraid of overdose. Besides, thanks to Hobo's detailed info and great explanation, I see that in fact overdosing is practically impossible.

    Thanks again, you helped me a lot!

    Cheers from Madrid!


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