Going Keto!

Hi Everyone!

My name is Eliisa and I work here at Cronometer! I haven't formally introduced myself on the forums yet. I promise I will get around to telling you all about the variety of things I do here in the near future, but first I am hoping to get some assistance...

I recently decided to go keto - not to lose weight - but to reap the benefits of the keto diet; particularly the touted benefits of more energy and greater mental clarity. I know that a lot of you Cronometer users are ketogenic pros and I am hoping to draw on your guidance and wisdom to be successful with this lifestyle change. To this point my diet has largely been comprised of carbohydrates (to say I love candy is a massive understatement!) so I anticipate the switch to mostly fats and protein to have it's challenges. That being said I wholeheartedly welcome any advice you might have throughout my journey!

To keep things interesting I am going to post about going keto on our Instagram account (@cronometer_official) - I will give updates, track progress and break down this lifestyle change in honest terms. I welcome you to follow along and see what happens! I also welcome anyone who is also debating going keto to join me on this health journey; I am committing to the next 30 days with the option of continuing indefinitely.

Thank you so much for taking a moment to read this! Wish me luck!

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    Good luck! During the transition to ketosis especially, try to consume extra electrolytes - particularly sodium, potassium, magnesium. The water loss flushes those out. Broth or bullion helps. 4-5 grams of sodium per day isn't typically too much...

  • A topic that rages in the Keto community is the issue of protein! It's either high fat or high protein; with passionate advocates for both approaches! Which are you following Eliisa? :-)

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  • How is it going so far Eliisa?

  • I'll be your keto buddy.

  • I am just starting Keto and found this site - awesome so far. I have only been logging for two days. I have type 2 diabetes so this is a little intimidating. I started with a fast then dove right into keto a week and a half ago. Been getting dizzy spells. Had the keto Flu last week. 5 ft 6 @ 193 trying to get to 165 - 170 . My bp and my diabetic blood tests have been awesome. Have not lost one pound - frustrated! Would love to have a mentor who is Keto, Diabetic and willing to share experience and knowledge!

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