Going Keto!



  • Thank you, both! :)

  • Careful, it's not good for all body types. I lost a lot of weight, but gained 8 stents...

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    The damage to your cardiac arteries was happening decades before you went keto. Your “body type” didn’t have anything to do with it. The timing was coincidental. Across the world people are having phenomenal success at lowering CAC scores and other cardio markers with properly formulated, optimal protein Keto diets.

    Now, if you were on a popular lower protein regimen suggested by some keto guru wannabes, then yes, you may have damaged your heart; not because of being keto, but because you followed a low protein diet. The heart is a muscle and needs protein support.

  • Does that mean that once my stent work has healed (plavix for a year) that I can resume keto with a high fat diet?

  • Go to Optimal Ketogenic Living (OKL) Facebook Page, founded by a terrific guy who researches Keto, Raymund Edwards, and ask that question. He helps a lot of people with medically crucial keto questions. He or his well trained admins will guide you to find your perfect keto macros and he will share info about healing supplements that are astounding in effectiveness. Give him in your initial question as much info as you have: lab work, height, weight, surgical procedure date, and meds.

  • My cardiologist nor primary care know diddley-squat about nutrition as far as I can tell, Both are pill pushed* (*, big-pharma friendly). I am also concerned about the health of my circulatory system, hence my fear of fats.

    Can eating a diet that would keep my body using ketones as fuel be "heart healthy"?

  • Ketones are absolutely heart healthy! I decided to test the newest findings on fat ingestion and cholesterol lab test levels. I increased my fat ingestion to 110 grams (990 kcalories) per day for three days before my lab work while keeping my net carb intake below 20 grams (80 kcalories), with 125 grams (500 kcalories) protein. Weight loss stopped from the fact that my Calorie intake level exceeded my energy needs, but my cholesterol went dramatically DOWN! The doctor commented on the exceedingly lowered cholesterol and I told him what I had done. He said, “Well, of course we know now that it’s not fat ingestion that elevates cholesterol!” What he didn’t add was that we also know now that elevated cholesterol does not CAUSE heart problems but is the body’s attempt to put out the fires of inflammation in the body from any sources. Healthy fats such as MCT; grass-fed and finished butter, fatty meat, and cream; coconut, olive, and avocado oils and the like help put out those fires, too. Sugar and starch and manufactured polyunsaturated oils add both spark and fuel to those fires! The heart thrives on ketones!!! So does the brain.

  • Whatever. The same thing doesn't work for everybody.

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