Custom nutrients

Could it be possible to track custom nutrients? For example, right now, there is close to no difference between teas and water, let's assume I want to drink more green tea for its health benefits (it contains catechins), it's just one item that would be tracked for this specific "nutrition", would that be possible?

This is just one example, but I can think of several similar examples:
Flavonoids/antioxidants from specific foods.
Chlorophyll in green vegetables
etc etc

There are many specific things someone could want in their diets, these things are specific enough that editing just a few items (or even a single item like in tea example) would be enough to track it. Is there anything that can be done about this?


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    Hi Cyphesto,

    Thanks for the suggestion - it would be great to add the ability to track your own custom nutrients. This is on our list of feature requests!

    One hurdle to this feature would be making sure that you create a custom version of the foods that contain the nutrient you would like to track and editing that food to include the amount of that nutrient present in the food.

    At present, you could track a custom nutrient by creating a custom biometric (Gold Feature). Each time you consume your tea, you could enter the biometric to your diary with the amount of catechins in a cup.


    Karen Stark
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    Yes! I would like to track anthocyanins like cyanidin and flavonoids like quercetin.

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