Change the default serving size from blank to "1"

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Maybe only convenient for people who frequently eat one serving size, but the change wouldn't really be an inconvenience for people who are eating more than one serving and would have to change the serving size anyway.


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    Hi CeeJay,

    The default serving size is currently set to 1. If you don't enter anything in the serving box and then add the serving to your diary, it will add 1 serving of the selected. If you are seeing something else, would you mind sending us a screenshot to support@cronometer.com, please?

    Perhaps it is more obvious with our shiny new serving dialogue:


    Karen Stark
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    Ah, you are correct! Thanks for the quick reply. I didn't realize that the default was 1 serving, just because when using the app, the serving size number is greyed out until you input something.

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