Different Calorie goals on Specific Days

I've been using the paid program for a couple months and really love tracking my overall intakes. It's nice to see where I need to adjust for more protein, different vitamins, etc. What I would really like is to be able to set different calorie goals for different days. I do a 4:3 diet where 3 days of the week I have fasting 5-600 calorie days and usually 1 day on the weekend I eat absolutely whatever I want and it may wind up over 2000 calories. It is so hard to track where I'm at on the fasting days b/c all it can tell me is that I can still have 700 more calories that day. (I have it set on a generic 1200 cal/day) Everything else about this tracker I love. (I tested lots of different ones when I started and found this to be the best to fit my needs) I even refer people starting diets to use your program for how nice it is. If you could add this one feature, the program would be perfect to me.


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