The way percentages are represented could need a workover

1. if i add a brazil nut it will say "165% selenium"in green (cuz my requirements r between 55 and 400 microgram and one brazil nut apparently got 90.6 micrograms) everything fine and dandy so far

  1. now instead of 1 brazil nut i put 4.4 brazil nuts and it says "725% selenium" (this is just shy of being above my recommended daily dose with 398.5 micrograms) in green - everything is still fine in this scenario too

  2. however, now, instead of putting in 1 or 4.4 brazil nuts i put in...4.5 brazil nuts! and the thing now says "741% selenium" (since this is 407.6 micrograms) IN RED...which i dont think is good

..the problem with this is that this gives the wrong impression: because the thing now is red and it says "741% selenium!" one would think they r like 7.41 times above whats considered the healthy range even tho they r just a tiny bit above whats considered optimal (which for me would apparently be 727% of the daily recommendation (aka 400 micrograms r 727% of 55micrograms so yea...not too difficult to to guess why that is)

so what i want to suggest is that the UI gets a bit smarter and recognizes that someone is above their threshold and once the "upper limit" is reached and it turns red it shows not the PERCENTAGE OF MINIMUM but instead THE PERCENTAGE OF MAXIMUM. so instead of telling me "741% selenium" in all red it would be like "102%" (which is 741micrograms devided by 727 if someone was curious) in red cuz im just 2% above whats considered "too much" (not 700++%)

and yes i know it may be a bit inconsistent but its better than what it is now. someone may come up with a better solution but still...

and whatever u guys could come up with as a solution could be applied to not just selenium

hope that was understandable
maybe takes some nerdy mathy kinda person to understand what i mean tho ;p


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    Hi Dark,

    Thanks for you suggestions to make the maximum limits easier to understand visually.
    You are right, we calculate the percentages based on achieving the minimum targets - the idea being that you can quickly see if you have gotten enough each day.

    You can always look at the Nutrients Summary to view how much of each nutrient you have consumed. You can also click on a nutrient target to edit the values, if you would like the calculation to be based on a different value, enter it into the 'minimum' box and check the box to use your custom values instead of the RDAs.


    Karen Stark
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    yes thats a possiblity, but not a nice one in my opinion

    i could "remove" the maximum rda (or rather, write the minimum rda there - for every nutrient) that way everytime im even 0.001mg above the minimum rda the thingy would turn red and i would know i consumed "more than the minimum rda" in that nutrient

    but i still want to retain the ability to see if im above the minimum rda in a certain nutrient but not above the maximum (the "golden" range between minimum rda and maximum rda so to say) cuz if i just remove the maximum rda as i wrote in the first paragraph i would only have the ability to tell if i "got more than the minimum rda" but i wouldnt be able to tell if its still in the golden (or rather green) range

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    edited May 2018

    but i still want to retain the ability to see if im above the minimum rda in a certain nutrient but not above the maximum

    It does show that currently. On the web below minimum is an incomplete orange bar, between min and max is full bar green and over max is a full red bar. What's not shown at a glance is progress from min to max.

    I think it would be a confusion to reset a % from say 740% to 100% when it hits some threshold. The widget is displaying an underlying number which is the % of daily minimum and having a consistent definition over the whole range makes sense.

    I checked my profile and not all nutrients have an upper limit and for some that do the limit is very high. That suggests progress between min and max applies to only some nutrients and further this progress is of interest to only some users.

    I think what you are asking for is information about the maximum or progress to the maximum for certain nutrients. There is information beyond the "progress bar" on mobile via the summary page (click through from bar) and on the web via a hover-tip . These places could display the information you are seeking.

    a) On mobile the summary page shows edit boxes for MIN and MAX. If beside these it showed 100% and calculated X% where X=MAX/MIN then there would be feedback about the maximum in terms of the displayed % and it reminds users what 100% means.

    b) On web the hover-tip could display a footer linking min and max to the %, maybe "min 2mg (100%) - max 5mg (250%)" or "min 2mg - max 5mg (250%)" or "2mg (min) is 100% and 5mg (max) is 250%" for the nutrients that have a range and "min 2mg (100%)" or "2mg (min) is 100%" or "" for those with min only.

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    ye i dont know about the mobile version so i cant say anything about that

    and about ur idea with the hover over thing:
    well yea that could be used but i wanted to keep things simple and see whats important at a glance without having to hover over anything
    my idea with the inconsistent percentage is..yea...inconsistent so to speak but i think its nice (the then "red color" of the nutrient percentage is what varrants the percentage change imo)

    another solution could of course also be that the nutrient "bars" use the "max" instead of the "min" - that way the bars would might be completely filled and be green (if the minimum daily allowance was reached) but the percentage in it would show for example "78%" which would mean that one has reached their minimum (which is shown thru the "greenness" of the bar) and is just 22% shy of hitting the maximum (aka 78% of 100%)


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