Cream of tartar

According to the Oracle this and baking soda are the best foods for potassium!! Has anyone experimented with incorporating it into the diet safely? I am hesitant to use baking soda in the past for the ergogenic effects of pH buffering or whatever the mechanism was due to digestive issues.


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    Sodium bicarb (or baking soda) is used by some athletes to prevent lactic acid buildup. However, the side effects can be extreme (diarrhea, bloating, gas, cramps, etc.).

    Just as an FYI, most dietitians agree that the AI for potassium is likely higher than we need. Scientists aren't sure exactly how much potassium we need, so what we have is a guesstimate. I typically recommend aiming for 75% of the AI for potassium and trying to meet needs through food sources, rather than supplements.

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    I was just reading the Australian recommendation for the average adult woman and they say 2800mg of daily potassium is very adequate. For men it's about 3800mg. Of course that's paired with sodium daily intake of 460-920mg.

    Baking soda I think it's very high in sodium, though?

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    Lol! I just have to post here that when I asked the oracle how to get more potassium its top recommendation for me was Pepsi One. Sold!

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