How to change serving size from grams to servings in an old recipe?

I'm trying to update a couple of old recipes that I haven't used in months. When I created the recipes, I entered the number of servings for each one. However, the serving size now shows as grams and there is no drop down box to change it back to serving-based. How can I change this?


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    Hi Subeez,

    If you would like to change your recipe from grams-based to serving-based, or vice versa, open the recipe in the food editor. Click on the settings menu in the top right corner and select Edit a Copy. You will have the option to choose serving-based or weight-based in the new copy.

    When you create a recipe, Cronometer will add up the weight of all of the ingredients. If you chose a servings-based recipe we can calculate the weight of a single serving as well. In the example below, the total recipe weight is 929g, there are 10 servings in the recipe, and 1 serving = 93g


    Karen Stark
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    This worked - thanks!

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