One hundred, thirty-seven pounds gone with Cron-O-Meter metrics!

I started out at 320 pounds and now weigh 183. I have only 28 pounds to go to get to goal and I have relied on the very specific and detailed information provided through Cron-O-Meter. I have recommended it to all my followers and many have switched. I love that all the info in your data based has been verified! I love how the amounts of micronutrients and macronutrients are not rounded off. I just love the confidence I get from having such a precision tool with which to not only track my food and supplements, but also to record various biometrics, photos, notes, and to print charts for my doctor. Thank you!


  • Wow! Congratulations on your success in your weight-loss journey! Your dedication has paid off! Glad to hear Cronometer has helped!

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  • Agreed, I love it for all the same reasons as you do! Admittedly, the data tends to be a little different to what the supermarket packaging states, but for me personally, I'm happy to accept the small differences in calories/fat/protein/carbs between my UK food packaging and the cronometer US data in order to benefit from data that actually has info about the micronutrients. Also, I've found that if I was less interested in my micronutrients and more interested in a closer match between the cals/carbs/prot/fat then the EU database is pretty good (but has 26 nutrients listed per food item as opposed to the US database of 79). Though I only tend to log "whole foods" I suspect logging something like bread would make a huge difference, given how different UK and US bread tastes :smiley:

  • Yikes, that makes my 50 lb. loss look like nothing! Congrats on a stellar achievement.

    Live Longer ….. Eat Less

  • Amazing, congratulations and well done! I have lost 15 pounds using this ap. and changing to a 100% Whole Foods Plant Based diet but still have about 20 to go to hit my goal.

  • Congratulations on your weight loss, keep up with the new lifestyle.

  • Awesome! Congratulations! What a great job! I need to lose about 50 pounds. But sinus issues over the past year interfered with breathing; now after sinus surgery I am back on cronometer and a rebounder, the Cellerciser.

  • Bookwyrmb,your achievement is awesome, Congratulations! I joined a month ago and have lost 10 lbs, which I am proud of. Like others who have a lot to lose, it is wonderful to have a forum like this to encourage and recognize the great progress made. Thank you all.

  • So inspiring....have you been able to maintain your weight loss?

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    I kept it all off until December 2018. An emotional family crisis set me back and I slowly gained back 25 pounds by January 2020. Then Covid-19 struck. I felt stranded in the corner of my sofa, walking only to the fridge and bathroom during the endless days. I gained another 30 lbs. in 5 months. I am now more concerned about my weight than the world’s impending doom, and have returned to sanity. My hedonistic eating is not going to cure the world’s ills nor make me better capable of dealing with it! I have lost 10 of those pounds in the last month and am happily ketogenic and logging in Cronometer again.

  • Way to go... Keep at it...

    I too gained too many "pandemlbs" in the recent months, I came to my senses about a month ago and got back on to Dr Esselstyn's diet., It's coming off slowly.

  • Good news...perspective is everything. Congratulations on the 10'll get there!

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