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The single biggest thing I would put on the top of my wish list would be the ability to import recipes. This could be a great pairing with the right partner!



  • Thanks for the suggestion @NorCalGal ! This has been requested by other users as well and is on our list to hopefully implement in the future!

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  • Hilary,
    Thanks, but it looks like they've been suggesting it for awhile. Whether I ultimately go Gold or walk away from Cronometer entirely will likely hinge on this single deficit. Meanwhile I'll just "Keep On Trackin'"

  • Hi Dee,
    We are a small team here at Cronometer, and must prioritize feature requests based on a number of factors. Adding a recipe importer is a high priority feature, but a very large undertaking. You're right, this is a huge value-added to Cronometer, but as such it takes a lot of work. When we build a feature for Cronometer, we want to get it right, complete, and the best we can do. Thanks for your patience - this will be a pretty exciting upgrade when it is finished.

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  • I'd really like some recipe import too. I suggest the "minimum viable product" approach to this until you have the time to "get it right".

    Something along the lines of a text file import would be better than nothing.

    Nothing is actually quite painful and probably the biggest reason people go elsewhere.

  • I want to add my voice for this

  • I also would love this feature. Besides Cronometer, I also use MasterCook for my recipies. My wife likes to have them on a tablet in the kitchen so she doesn't need to have a book or sheet of paper. Maybe even something like a link the the full recipe from a few of the popular programs. It would also help when we have to enter ingredients for calculating our macros. Thanks

  • I would absolutely love a recipe importer!!!!

  • Is there a way to copy and paste recipes? That would work for me as an alternative

  • @Sheree_Stubblefield you can learn more about copy and pasting diary items here:

    You can also edit a copy of an existing recipe! Learn more about editing recipes here:

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  • Just bounced back in to see if the recipe import feature had been added yet. Looks like that option is still not available. I'll try again in another few months.

  • I would LOVE to have that feature as well. Please update us as to the progress on this feature. Thanks!

  • Hi @whitneykt and @NorCalGal Unfortunately we do not offer this feature at the moment. Its on our radar!

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  • There are a couple API's available to do the recipe import from website.
    Zestful API uses machine learning:

    another is:

    We have a Keto club and sharing recipes is easy with Carb Manager. The six of us using cronometer have to enter it in one at a time. It's very frustrating and very time consuming.

  • Is there any idea when you may offer it?

  • Hi @whitneykt Unfortunately I can't offer an ETA! We are a small team and must prioritize our work accordingly. Hopefully we will be able to offer it sooner rather than later, but stay tuned on our Social media accounts and here on the forums for feature updates! We are constantly working to update our software with new features!

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  • This is one of the features of MyFitnessPal that I miss the most, but it's not quite a deal breaker for me. I have only made recipes on the websites for either app.

    In MFP, you can paste a list of ingredients into a multi-line text input box and get recipe with ingredients filled in (that may or may not match). Sometimes MFP will fail to find any entry to match an ingredient. MFP provides an interface to replace or change quantity of the listed ingredients. Due to MFP's low quality database, I find that it is about as much work to check the automated matches in MFP as it is to just enter the ingredients in Cronometer. MFP can also be pointed to a URL and attempt to find the ingredients list on the page and match foods - this sometimes works very well, but can also fail miserably if the formatting of the recipe is difficult to parse or there are other recipes on the page. I do like the MFP retains a link to the source of the recipe.

  • I would like to add my request for this feature

  • Put me on the me too list.

  • So need this!!

  • edited May 2020

    I would also really like to see this feature, I really like Cronometer for the tracking, but don't see myself using it if I have to manually enter every recipe. I understand there is a small team, but being able to import recipes on a nutrition tracking app is something that seems like second nature.

    I am not looking for perfection or beauty here, just something.

  • Please add this feature. Importing mostly homecooked meals makes using this app a hassle. I like its functionality and interface better than those of other apps, but the recipe importing features from competitors are really pushing me toward them.

  • 100% this is the feature that will ultimately decide if I go with mfp or chronometer

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    We really need this feature, however I will add that if it ever gets implemented please allow us to customize the amount of each ingredient that we add. I often will scale a recipe ad hoc, in other words I follow the recipe but might add more protein to the recipe than called for and want to have my version be nutritionally accurate because when I say I just ate 250g of homemade chicken salad or whatever, I want it to be 250g of mine and not some generic recipe that I sort of made.

    Right now it is just as easy for me to enter the main ingredients (I don't enter spices and things that are tiny cal counts) into Cronometer in the quantity I used and it is fine. But it would be so much more convenient to auto import and then edit like MFP does. MFP of course is a joke because the food database is awful and full of inaccurate duplicates.

    Love Cronometer but we need some minimum viable product for this feature as others have stated.

  • I also am dying for this feature! It is a pain in the butt to enter every single recipe manually like I am doing now. This has been requested for well over a year now.

  • Hi Sylver_Star - we've got a ski resort nearby with a similar name!

    It's a big feature that we have in our plans! Thanks for your feedback :)

    Karen Stark
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  • Please please add an import feature please

  • I’ve been using MFP for years but am a bit tired of all the inaccuracies. So, hopped over to check out cronometer on a suggestion. I LOVE to cook and create new recipes. Lack of this feature will keep me on MFP (premium member but would cancel next year if I found a better alternative). It’s painful to add a recipe!

  • Any update on this one? Trying to do meal planning/meal prep and having to enter a whole recipe line by line to figure out if it will fit my macros is tedious to say the least.

  • Would be good I just purchased Gold so far app is great, but finding I need create recipes which is a pain when I have a whole raft of skinny mixes recipes that I wish I could import, seems my fitness pal has it for example. Really missing this option.

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