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Hi everyone. I checked around the site to make sure this specific issue has not been mentioned before and did not see it. Having said that, I am totally new to this service so it is totally possible that I missed it. I apologize if that is the case.

I worked out for ~40 minutes this morning so my fitbit recorded that as a 40 minute workout. This was tracked both as exercise and "active minutes." My fitbit also counted some other activity today as active just due to my heart rate. That additional time raised my active minutes to 46.

I connected my fitbit to my cronometer account when I signed up today. When I updated cronometer, it pulled in the 40 minutes workout and the 46 active minutes. So it double counted my workout since the workout was included in the active minutes. Is there any way to avoid this? Or is this a bug?

Thanks in advance.


  • Hi @tacomaccountant there was a bug with this which we have since resolved. The calories should match at least by the end of the day. Apparently Fitbit has made a change to something in their software as well, so make sure you double check that it is showing correctly in your fitbit software as well! If you are still seeing an issue, would you mind sending along some screenshots of the discrepancy to [email protected] ? Thanks! :)

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  • Thanks for the quick reply! I will reenable the Fitbit tracking and see if it trues up by the end of the day.

  • Mine is doing exactly the same thing. Is there a remedy.

  • I tried again and am still having the issue. It isn't a huge deal to me as I just eat to a certain amount of calories every day and then monitor my weight to make changes. I do think it should probably be fixed though.

  • Hi guys! We released a fix this morning for this issue. Can you please try disconnecting and reconnecting your fitbit following the steps in our troubleshooting document:

    The fix will hopefully resolve the issue going forward (Barring any issues on Fitbit's end which we do not have control over). Let me know if you continue to see problems! Thanks so much for your patience while we worked on this!

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  • I'm having the same problem. I revoked access via Fitbit and disconnected on cronometer. I then reconnected and it is, again, double-counting minutes.

    Fitbit has gone wonky and I've considered going with a polar fitness tracker-has Polar had any of these issues?

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  • Hi @comanchesue if you haven't already would you mind please emailing [email protected] including screenshots and any more pertinent details about the issue we are experiencing? We are looking into it since our last fix release, as it does seem to have not resolved the issue.

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  • hi there @Hillary . I'm in the same boat here, although not sure if this is a bug or a feature. Here's an image:

    There'll be a Run (Fitbit) and another Fitbit Activity on it.

    I've tried deleting the Run (Fitbit) entry but it keeps getting readded.

  • I am new to cronometer and am experiencing the same problem with my fitbit.

  • Hi there,

    The Fitbit Activity value should only include your calories burned through basic living (walking around the house/office, etc.). Fitbit shows your workouts separately, like running, biking, etc. Are the total calories imported from Fitbit off from your Fitbit app?

    If you could send us an email at [email protected] we can look into whether your calories are importing properly. Could you please send us the following screenshots from the Fitbit app? (I've circled in the attached example where to tap to get the screens):

    tap on Cals wheel
    tap on exercise this week wheel
    tap on the active minutes wheel


    Karen Stark
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  • I am having the same issue. Has a fix been identified? My "active minutes" per Fitbit are being recorded as well as my individual exercise events. I would like to be able to select either/or to be included. If both are included, I am receiving extra calorie burn data on my energy tracking and my Net Energy is therefore incorrect.

  • In all honesty I just stopped logging the activity side. Fitness trackers notoriously overestimate calorie burn from activity(especially weight training) anyway so I didn’t think it was value added. What really matters for weight control is calorie balance over time (weeks and months rather than day to day). So I just set a basic activity level in cronometer to get my average estimated calorie burn over time. I then plan my diet based on that. I try to eat consistent items and measure by weight and not volume as much as possible. I then use my average weight over time (not day to day spikes and falls) to see if my estimates make sense with what I’ve been estimating for activity and intake. It’s been a really good system for me. I can pretty much bulk or cut at will using the numbers I’m tracking. It’s also lower stress than trying to track activity down to the calorie every day.

  • Hey y'all - I'm running into this issue as well - any chance of a hotfix?

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