How often does fitbit sync to chronometer?

And is it possible to force a manual sync or change the frequency of sync for calories burnt.


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  • I linked my Fitbit to the Cronometer and the data I collected in Fitbit over the last month didn't show up. Is it suppose to?

  • By default it should sync starting from the day you linked, but if you visit past days in your diary it will force sync data in from those days as well.

  • How do I visit a day in my diary?

  • Click the date and use the calendar / click the arrows to switch days

  • I clicked all of the dates in the diary on the left side and they all show 0 consumed. So does that mean I can't get calories from my Fitbit data? I did get sleep, HR, pulse and weight from my Fitbit for today.

  • Hi Trish,
    You can export your food data from Cronometer to Fitbit! I would reccomend using Cronometer to track your Calories directly, as we have a large database of foods to choose from, and that is our primary purpose! Import your weight, body fat %, sleep and activity data from fitbit and track the rest on Cronometer for tracking the most accurate and complete data you can!
    You can see which data you are importing/exporting from your device at the bottom of the Profile page. Here is what the devices section will look like:

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  • If I track food in the Cronometer will it link to my Fitbit? I did link my Fitbit with the Cronometer but I only got weight, pulse, sleep & weight for today. It is sounding like I won't get the food I put into Fitbit transferred to the Cronometer, is that right?

  • That's Right @Trish. I would recommend entering your caloric intake into Cronometer instead and transferring that data to Fitbit, as you will find it is a more detailed account of your dietary intake.

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  • I do not see PRAL in my Nutrient Balance section. Any suggestions?

  • @DrAndrew , Are you enrolled in the Mercola Study? The PRAL Nutrient Balance Gauge is not visible to Mercola enrolled Conometer users. If you want to enable it you'll need to go to the sharing section of the Profile tab and 'Un-enroll' in the Mercola version, then you'll have the option to show that gauge.

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  • Do you know the logic of why PRAL us not included in Mercola users?

  • edited February 2018

    The PRAL gauge has been removed in the Mercola version at Dr. Mercola's request. You can still retain Ketogenic diet settings and see the PRAL scale by manually setting up your account for a Ketogenic diet. For more information on how to set up a Ketogenic Diet, you can watch the following video:

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