Ability to edit custom biometrics

I would love the ability to edit custom biometrics.

Thank you!


  • Great idea keepthebeet! We will put this on our list of feature requests.


    Karen Stark
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  • I second this idea, with some additions.

    I want to preface how wonderful the biometrics currently are, especially with the ability to create custom biometrics with a Gold subscription. It adds a lot of additional flexibility. With that said...

    It probably would make sense to be able to manage biometrics with several actions - add (already there), edit, remove or even sort biometrics in the dropdown list. Also, I've seen some mention in the forum in a post or two regarding the desire to have a note/comment available when logging the biometric. You can kind of work around this now by creating a separate note once the biometric is logged, but it does create some additional work. With some biometrics, context absolutely matters.


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