Ability to edit custom biometrics

I would love the ability to edit custom biometrics.

Thank you!


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    Great idea keepthebeet! We will put this on our list of feature requests.


    Karen Stark
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    I second this idea, with some additions.

    I want to preface how wonderful the biometrics currently are, especially with the ability to create custom biometrics with a Gold subscription. It adds a lot of additional flexibility. With that said...

    It probably would make sense to be able to manage biometrics with several actions - add (already there), edit, remove or even sort biometrics in the dropdown list. Also, I've seen some mention in the forum in a post or two regarding the desire to have a note/comment available when logging the biometric. You can kind of work around this now by creating a separate note once the biometric is logged, but it does create some additional work. With some biometrics, context absolutely matters.


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    I use a value from my app in a biometric. Now I am changing the name of my app and want to edit the biometric. Will there soon be a way to do this? Thanks!

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    I will 4th(?) the ideas shared above. I love the idea of being able to sort biometrics A-Z, recent used, etc. And the ability to edit, rather than delete and remake when I make a typo!

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    Yes please, at least able to edit a custom biometric name.

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    HI Guys
    You really need to enable sort so you can put your Biometric in groups that make sense.
    Like measurements
    Hips etc etc these should be listed together not all over the list.
    The Add Biometric looks like it is half finished needs a it of work as it has so much potential

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    I would also like to edit my custom biometrics. After some time I decided using metric rather than imperial was going to be easier and more accurate for tracking the smaller, incremental changes in girth. In addition to tracking my waist at the navel, it's also a good idea to track at the narrowest as well (my custom biometric in this case).

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