move to next day in right click menu for diary entries

sending an entry to tomorrow (or next day based on whichever day you're viewing) is something I do manually at least once daily.

copy, delete, change day, paste.

feels a bit laborious and I keep wishing there was a send selected entry/entries to next day.



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    I've suggested having a scratch pad sort of floating list or "fridge" before, this is the same purpose.

    "send to fridge" could mean a loose scratch pad-like diary page compatible with the diary day so to speak but for the sake of this topic sending to next day is usually what I'm trying to achieve.

    I often keep sending things to next day several days and eventually eat it or I end up rather tossing it if it was a half palatable cooking experiment.

    original post.

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    Hi nimnimnim,

    Thanks for your suggestions! It could be a real time-saver to send selected foods to the next day. We have a copy previous day function, and this copies everything from the previous day to the current day in your diary, rather than only selected items.


    Karen Stark
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    Yes! :-) so prolly don't need to say needing to switch day and only for the entire day is too rough for these occasions (of course you seem to understand me already).

    So loving the diary section (gf-juice time, bf, 2nd bf, brunch, dunch, linner, dinner, evening) sensitivity of the copy previous. Life in gold 2018 and onwards.


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