I've been tracking my food intake and weight changes for 100 days and here's what it looks like

Here's a link to the reports

I am happy to say I have been recording my food intake and weight changes consistently since January 8th. I have only missed two days of tracking when I needed a weekend off to regroup mentally. Today marks 100 days of tracking, so I thought I would give a brief update of my progress. My goals are to hit most of my nutrient goals consistently and lose about 0.5 pounds per week until I hit my goal weight.

I've lost 8.4 pounds total over the last 100 days which is roughly 0.5 pounds per week. You can see from the weight report that March was very difficult for me, but I am finally back on track and have been consistently weighing in less than I did when my weight started going up.

I hit most of my nutrient goals consistently. Potassium is always the most difficult goal to meet, but adding more vegetables than normal to all of my meals helps me meet that goal most of the time. I generally meet my fiber goal, but frequently eat low fiber and low nutrient density foods on the weekends, so fiber is just under my goal on average over those 100 days. My alcohol intake is more than I would like. The bulk of that came from March.

I just thought I would share in case it helps anyone going through a rough patch (like I did in March). Keep pushing through to your goals!


  • Wow Jaisonsharma!

    It is so interesting to see your improvements over time, as well as acknowledging the tough spots, moving on and getting back on track.

    Combing through your Trends and Nutrient Report can be really helpful to identify where you are doing great, and further steps you can take to reach your goals and it's great to see that in action!

    Thanks for sharing your progress - this is so motivating to see!

    Karen Stark
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  • as far as potassium goes, i started using "Lite" salt...might have to create a custom food for it though...50/50 mix of potassium/sodium chloride...

    I am an amateur. I've been using CRON-O-Meter for 10 years and counting, still learning.....

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