Woohoo! I"m at my goal weight!

I've been using cronometer since February this year (2018) and now, at the end of August, I'm at my planned goal. I did not go to any specific diet, I just made sure I got all the nutrients I need, that my calorie intake was below my calorie output (Fitbit was connected), and I made a point to not eat after 7 pm. (kinda like back with the Gremlins...remember those?? ;) I started with 140 lbs and I'm down to 127 now. I feel great, I can drink my beer or eat my ice cream of and on--and then get on the treadmill or walk in the woods to make sure the calories don't settle around my middle again.
This app also made me aware of all the crap that I've been putting into my body. Do I really need all that sugar, all the extra empty carbs? Nah, I can choose what I want. I like cheese, but I don't need to eat the whole piece. It all has to do with priorities and how important your body is to you. For me, it wasn't the "bikini-body" that I was striving for; I'm way past that one. I turned 60 in May. No, I wanted to have less pain -- so my logical assumption was to lose weight so I don't put extra weight on my aching joints. Arthritis is a bitch, but I can be too. I kicked it in the butt! Thank you, Cronometer Gurus, for helping me succeed -- both website and app are great! I'm still running into challenging logging moments, but it's a constant learning experience--and that makes it fun. And you guys have always been helpful! Thanks again, you rock!


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    Thanks for sharing Bubba! What a great success story :)

    Karen Stark
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    like i said in another post Aaron is a genius! congrats! i lost nearly 100 pounds (90) back in 2009-2010 the same way! just remember it's a lifestyle and not temporary, it gets easier when your maintaining and not trying to 'lose weight'....the avg is what matters to the scale, your very right drink your beer eat your ice cream...! lol, if this something you HAVE to stick with it would be impossible unless it was enjoyable....

    for me it's no harder than keeping my receipts when i spend money and writing it down so i don't get a overdraft from the bank....

    I am an amateur. I've been using CRON-O-Meter for 10 years and counting, still learning.....

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    Wow -- 90 pounds is a lot! But you are totally correct; it's a lifestyle. I have may handy kitchen scale next to the cutting board, and it's automatic now to weigh and log my stuff. I love to cook and make up new recipes, and with cronometer it's even more fun because I can come up with a nutrition label at the end! Too cool!

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    Congratulations! Thanks for sharing. You're a good example, and I hope to imitate your success.

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