the deficit confuses me? did i eat too much, or not enough? and what is the k in kcal mean?

It say's I have calories remaining? so need to eat more? I though being a little under I will lose weight? very confusing, new to using graphs and charts!!just want to lose 1lb a week ,but very,very insulin resistant , so need this to work!!

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    as far as the title of the thread, the k is kilo or 1000, i believe...calories are a measure of how much something will raise the temp of a liter of water if burned....

    of course people can't digest cellulose like a ruminant....so they only track digestible calories...

    and if your under for the day and satisfied, bank the deficit. the avg is what matters...and what i mean by that, don't worry about the day worry about the week and ultimately the month. don't be stiff, relax have a good time! you gotta keep this up the rest of your life to stay at goal weight....or at least i do? :)

    I am an amateur. I've been using CRON-O-Meter for 10 years and counting, still learning.....

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    this is the calories that matter to you, not the dialy but the last two weeks or month...this isn't actually acurate for ME i mostly use the JAVA app still. but thought i'd show you were to tell how your actually doing...

    this is where you see your avg for whatever amount of time from the past. does all the addition and division for you...(4000+800+1400+1800)/4=2000...some diet guru's would try and say it keeps your metabolism up that way too!

    I am an amateur. I've been using CRON-O-Meter for 10 years and counting, still learning.....


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    Hi tcseacliff,

    Here is a description of the Calories Summary from another thread ((https://forums.cronometer.com/discussion/comment/5201#Comment_5201 if you would like to check out the discussion):

    The Budget takes into account Calories Burned minus Calories Consumed to show you how many calories you have left to maintain your current weight. If you have a weight loss goal, the budget will show you how many calories have remaining to reach your weight loss goal i.e. Calories Burned - Calories Consumed - Calorie deficit required for weight loss goal

    The pop-up box gives you a bit more information about how many calories you need to maintain your weight, and how many you need to meet your weight goal. It is handy to know how many calories you need to maintain weight, since going over that could lead to weight gain.

    In the example below, I have burned 1491 kcal and consumed 761 kcal and have a weight goal of -1 lbs per week (this requires a 499 kcal deficit at the end of the day)
    1491 kcal -761 kcal - 499 kcal = I can eat 231 kcal to reach my weight loss goal.

    The pop-up also shows how my calorie deficit to maintain my weight:
    1491 kcal - 761 kcal = 730 kcal deficit

    If I use the same example with a -2lbs per week goal (this requires a daily calorie deficit of 998 kcal)
    1491 kcal -761 kcal - 998 kcal = I need to burn 268 more kcal to reach my weight loss goal

    The pop-shows that I still have the same calorie deficit to maintain my weight (730 kcal) but I have gone over my weight loss budge by 268 kcal.


    Karen Stark
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    thanks for your responses and clarifications! I just need to stay the course and enjoy myself like Braccionere said!and thank youkaren! I too, have a -499 target for my weight loss!!just tough not to hit the exact number , without thinkingi am a failure for not doing it right!? especially when , I dod not see enough of a weight loss to confirm success!

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    tcseacliff - try not to be hard on yourself...tomorrow is a new day! allow for humanness.

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