Nutritional Values in homemade oat milk

Ive been trying to find the nutritional value of homemade oat milk so I can add it to custom foods (I think calcium is added to most manufacturered oat milk).... Im not having much luck I was wondering if anyone else had found the nutritional values anywhere.

Also having similar issue for dandelion coffee.


  • Comparing the nutrients of dry oats and the oat milk entry of NCCDB, it looks like they have added vitamin A, D, calcium and salt (?! Is salt needed in the process of making oat milk?). I would create a copy of the NCCDB entry and remove those values for my custom recipe of homemade oat milk.

    No idea about dandelion coffee. I don't know what it is!

  • I also highly doubt oat milk has that much fibre so I would remove that as well. Hmm, maybe the NCCDB oat milk entry is more blended oats than what I understand as oat milk.

  • @Heligan

    Unfortunately, it will be difficult to know the exact nutrient composition of homemade oat milk without experimental analysis. However, if we consider the amount of oats used for a single cup, the number of nutrients found would be negligible.

    I did find this for your reference if it helps:

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  • I know this is super old but I just started making my own homemade oat milk and this has been bugging me to no end.

    I recently opted to move to homemade oat from store-bought almond for the environment benefits, and since then my macros have been blown WAY out of proportion. It wasn't until I deep-dived into the Oat Milk nutrients that I realised how wrong it is.

    If I just create my own recipe for 'Homemade Oat Milk' (Recipe #14258280), which lists 1 x cup rolled oats and 1L Tap Water, 4 servings (roughly 1 cup) comes out at 76.7kcal, Carb 13.7g, and Sodium 11.2mg.

    Compare that to the NCCDB 'Oat Milk' (Food #462346), which lists the same serving size as 130kcal, Carb 23.7g, and Sodium 109.2mg.

    What the flip kinda Oat Milk is NCCDB using for their nutritional info!?

  • Hi Koreyjames,

    The Oat milk from NCCDB comes from analysis of commercially prepared oat milks, similar to Oatly, Planet Oat. Sounds like they are more concentrated than your recipe and also have more ingredients added (salt, vitamins/minerals, stabilizers).

    Karen Stark
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