Lean Body Mass as a metric

I saw that you guys were making some charting improvement for next year, so hopefully this is either already included or easy to add. Simply, I would like to see Lean Body Mass (Weight*(1-bf%)) as a metric anywhere that weight is currently a metric. If I could make a second request it would be to have LBM% anywhere BF% was a metric. This is essential for people that are trying to put on muscle mass. While I can calculate the immediate number in my head, seeing the historical graphs with the moving averages is one of the better features here.


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    Hi Adam_B,

    Great suggestion! While we are working on upgrading our biometrics and charts, you can implement this for your personal use right away by creating a custom biometric.

    On the website, select 'Add Biometric' then click the green + on the left. This will allow you to create a name and unit of measurement for your biometric. Once created, you can find your custom biometrics in the drop-down list to add them in the future.


    Karen Stark
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    Thanks Karen. As I already have an integration that sends the weight and BF% over, I'd rather not have to add a new number manually everyday. As it is I have to add my Glucose and Ketone from my KetoMojo meter manually.

    Would it be safe to assume as a calculated metric, that, if this is added, it will be retroactive to any weight+bf readings? If so, I can wait. :)

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