Hi, I am a 65 yr. old refugee from the discontinued site, "CalorieCount," where I had lost 125 lbs. But, since knee replacement surgery, rehab, and the shutting down of that site, I have unfortunately regained 50 lbs., which really disgusts me. I had made such great progress before, felt very healthy and fit, but now, some of the old problems have returned. I am now stopping the madness, so that I get back the good habits and discipline I had before. I am aiming to drop these 50 lbs. by summer. I wish us all luck!


  • Welcome to Cronometer! Best of luck in achieving your health goals this year :)

    Karen Stark
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  • Good Luck! I’m in a pretty similar situation, having gained back 25 of the pounds I had lost. I’ve started over now during the last two days, and I have to say I feel better already.

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    Thank you and congratulations to you for not giving up. After only 4 days, I have already lost 4.5 lbs. (some of it water), but have also slashed sodium and other bad things drastically. I also notice that I already feel a big difference. It has been especially effective to slash bad carbs, since they cause cravings for more bad carbs, and that's where the worst calories and weight gain come from. Increasing more fiber and protein actually satisfy me and keep me feeling full. Nice to hear from you, and thank you again!

  • Good Luck and stay positive. I too have gained after back surgery about 5 months ago; everyday I complete my exercises and have been on/off with the watching my eating habits. Overall they are good by I have to rid some pounds. Trying this to help me track my carbs and especially my exercise vs calories.

  • Thank you, and you should be proud for getting back with it after only 5 months. Must be a lot of pain involved. I have found that this site is great for tracking everything, including nutrients. It's easy to use, too. Stay the course, and you'll get there! ;)

  • Whenever you experience an episode of falling off track, I find it incredibly helpful to reflect on the many different factors that contributed to this (in a non-judgmental, curious way). For example, was there a change at work or at home? Did stress increase? Is the amount of sleep you're getting an issue? Have you injured yourself?

    Once you know what barriers got in your way, you can start to develop a plan to overcome them. For example, breaking an arm means upper-body gym activities are out. But walking and aerobic classes may still be doable.

    Ultimately, see if there are any "teachable moments" from your experience and try to avoid feelings of guilt or shame; you are allowed to make mistakes. :)

    Kind regards,

    Susan Macfarlane, MScA, RD
    Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
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  • Yes, thank you, Susan! It does get rough at times for many different reasons. Right now, I'm on a plateau because of not getting enough sleep, which makes the weight loss very sluggish. I am also battling eating Panera leftovers that my son brings home from his job! Other than that, I am actively keeping stress down, which could really knock me down , if I allowed it. Exercise helps with stress and weight loss immensely. I am finally using the old Gazelle that's been gathering dust in the basement for a decade! Depending on your stance while using it, it gets to all parts of the body for muscle tone, weight loss, and cardio. Thank you again, Susan, for your professional input!

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