Bioavailability or absorption % of supplements

Question: When adding supplements, does Cronometer take into account average absorption or is the whole amount of supplement added to the nutrition profile? Also does the software distinguish between absorption of, say, calcium carbonate and calcium citrate?

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  • Hi VegasTortoise,

    Absorption of nutrients in a mixed diet is generally used when experts create the dietary reference intakes (DRIs). In other words, the nutrient targets are set higher to account for the fact that not all of a particular nutrient that is in your food is absorbed. This is more of an average absorption approach.

    Unfortunately, we don't have the level of detail in nutrition research to know each individual's needs and absorption rates from different sources (yet!), so the nutrient targets are based on what the average healthy omnivorous person gets in their diet then adds a factor to make sure most of the population will meet their needs by consuming 100% of the target for your age, sex and lifestage.


    Karen Stark
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  • Thank you Karen!

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