Samsung Health is now Available!

Excited to announce you can now connect with Samsung Health in the latest Beta Build!! Check it out and let us know if you run into any issues!



Brendan Benson
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  • I'm looking at and I don't see Samsung Health listed. Am I looking in the wrong place?

  • Hi @kelo much like the Google Fit and Apple health integrations, you must log in to Cronometervia the mobile app to access Samsung health. Before linking your mobile Cronometer app to Samsung health make sure you have the Samsung health app installed on that device as well! I am excited to hear your feedback on this once you have everything linked!

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  • My app appears to have updated. I can enter Samsung Health and see Cronometer as an app that can access data. I cannot however see Samsung Health anywhere in the app settings in Cronometer. Is this a passive process or is there app configuration to be done?

  • Hi @LoriP :s It accidentally didn't make it into the most recent build released! Hang tight, next week we will get it back out to you guys! Sorry for the miscommunication!

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  • Hi Team. I just got email from "Spencer" regarding this trial, and I am like LoriP...can't see it in the options (but its only 1 day since the above of course its too soon). Anyway,...I to will be commenting on things as they come onboard. I'm grateful to Cronometer for actually working on this. It's nice to have a voice and see the company respond.

    PS. There is a problem with linking the Samsung Health with Fitbit and then porting things over into Cronometer. It duplicates records over and over in Cronometer. I'm talking about the "Health Sync" app. I know this is not the forum for this but getting past these problems is something I look forward to.

    I will try to post more once the Samsung option is available.

  • @Rob4Health & @LoriP It has been updated right now :) You can update your app on the play store, and Samsung health will be there - I double checked myself!

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  • Bingo! There it is. Haven't seen any data sync yet. Nothing is updating on either app. Can we get a list of what will and won't sync and which direction? Thanks so much. Been waiting for this for a long time!

  • Hi @LoriP you can see what should be syncing when you first link the app. You will have to turn on permissions for each item to be imported! You should certainly be seeing exercise and biometrics logged. Try backfilling your data using the calendar icon in the Connect to samsung health pane in the settings tab to fill in past data. You should start seeing current activity and metrics logged in Cronometer as they are logged in Samsung health.

    Do you have diary groups enabled? With our new collapsible diary headers, it may look like nothing has been added if the diary group is collapsed!

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  • Ok. I'll dig a little further. All permissions granted already.

  • Hiw do i get the beta app on android so i can use samsung health?

  • Did you sign up for the beta program? I had sent my request but missed my email asking for some more information. After I provided it, I got an email that provided me the link to opt in and then the app updated to the beta version within a few minutes. Hope this helps.

  • I did sign somewhere something went wrong. No update yet...

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    Nothing is happening at all. I don't think that qualifies as a bug report. I don't know what to call it or if I should start a new thread. I entered manual exercise into S health because even back when I had to use health sync and pass everything through Google fit it never included steps. It only included actual workout" data. Nothing from S health: not step, exercise, sleep, heart rate etc is showing up in Cronometer and no calorie or food data from Cronometer appears in S Health. I've backfilled two months worth and nothing shows up. All permissions are granted (that's the only option, you don't get to chose individual permissions, either all on or all off) and all categories expanded.

  • Hi @LoriP thanks for letting us know. This is very early stages so we are pretty likely to be encountering bugs like this. You can report it in any format you like and this is perfect!
    To help us isolate the issue, could you please connect to samsung health, and just navigate in the diary to the date with the exercise. Then, please send a screenshot of your day to [email protected].
    Thanks so much for your help! We are really excited about this integration, so hopefully we can get it working perfectly soon!

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  • I just downloaded the beta test version and still don't see an option for Samsung health :(

  • Hi Lynn,

    Thanks for posting, could you confirm the build # you downloaded. In the latest build on the Settings Page under General you should view an option to "Connect Samsung Health".

    Brendan Benson
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  • I was just added to the beta as well. I uninstalled, reinstalled, but I don't see the option either.

    v3.2.9 (b525-AP-S2-PL-LR-AG)

    All I see is
    Connect Devices
    Connect Google Fit

    If I go into connect devices, it's just the same list that's always been there.

    Might be a lag between getting added to the beta and google delivering the beta? I've had experience with that before. lol

  • I was on the paid app, so I enrolled in the free app as well and tried it. Nothing in there either, so it's not app type.
    The version of the free app is v3.2.9 (b528-AF-S1-PL-LR-AG)

  • Hi guys! We had a small glitch yesterday with samsung health. We are working on it currently, and I will let you know later today when we get it sorted!

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  • You should be good to go now! Update to the latest version in the app store (version 3.3.0 (530) to access both fasting and Samsung health features.
    Let us know how it goes; thanks for your patience!

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  • This is for the others that couldn't connect, right? My issue is that it doesn't display permissions. Just the toggle bar off or on and nothing else. It was device specific issue. I pulled down the update anyway and the behavior hasn't changed so wanted to confirm if this update was or wasn't supposed to resolve that

  • I'm now having the same problem LoriP is. I connected samsung health, it told me to update my permissions, but there are no permissions listed in samsung health.

    The all permissions slider doesn't slide. I checked another app in there for data permissions and it had a bunch listed.

    I tried force stopping samsung health and clearing cache but that didnt work.

  • Hi everyone,
    Sorry for the misunderstanding. We have looked deeper into this again, and it looks like due to Samsung’s guidelines we can’t have external testers testing until they approve our request to sync with them. We are working on a submission for approval currently and unfortunately will have to revoke beta testing until it has been approved. Thanks for your understanding!

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  • Thanks for the update!

  • I'll let you all know when its back up and running! Stay tuned!

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    I put my S Health in developer mode and was able to turn on all the permissions for Cronometer. As soon as I did that I went into the app and am able to see things syncing from Samsung Health.

    Is there a way to change which Diary group it syncs to? Right now it's putting it all in breakfast and I have a few blood pressure readings in there as well as heart rate. So it makes the breakfast group kind long and a little unwieldy. lol

    Second question: Does data sync INTO Samsung Health as well, or does it only go from Samsung Health to Cronometer?

  • are we back up and running?

  • LynnC,

    No, what I am doing is probably not going to be officially supported by cronometer. lol

  • You can create diary sections and assign. I just did what you did and have imported data assigned to a Samsung " diary category and it's in tbe correct place. Looks to be s health writing to cronometer but not anything writing to s Health from Cronometer

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