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  • Hi @Moses You can just check here! Hopefully we will have it soon, but haven't heard back from samsung yet!

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  • Why upon repeated requests to join the beta am I still not receiving a response?

  • @samhsarah if you look at previous messages samsung beta has been put on hold. I think they are working on that and that might be why they have not hit you back

  • I'm looking forward to this integration as well. I'd like to get the calorie count from my Galaxy Watch Active into Cronometer.

  • How are things going in this area? I know you ran into problems with Samsung not sharing their APIs. Any progress?.....I'd like to use this as would many others.

  • We are unfortunately still waiting on Samsung's partner app review process!

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  • Oh I do hope it fitbit just stopped syncing so, I needed an upgrade thought samsung phone...go watch better syncing...but crono has been my life saving app to help me! I'm sad I cant sync with my deeply loved crono!

  • Sorry @Tenacity still haven't heard back from samsung health regarding our application to be a partner app but we are hoping to hear soon!

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  • Hi all! After months of working on an integration for Samsung health and waiting on a response from Samsung we have had word from them that we will be unable to integrate with them due to unforeseen barriers. We encourage you to reach out to Samsung health support with any questions as well as encouragement to them to allow an integration with Cronometer. Thanks for your understanding; Hopefully one day this will be possible, and we truly are sad that we are unable to provide our users with this integration.

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  • Well that's disappointing. As a software developer, I know what it's like to try to work with these 3rd parties to try to get the functionality you want...

    Is there a chance you will leaving sync functionality in place for those of us that are capable and willing to put Samsung Health in developer mode so that it stays working?

  • Hi @thecodemonk unfortunately no, as we must move forward with other features, and keeping that in working condition will not be worth the time it will take for only one or two users to access. We are pretty disappointed we are unable to get this up and running for you guys. Not only did we already put a ton of work into it, but it is also a top user requested feature, so we know the demand is there! If an integration with samsung health is something you would find valuable, we really encourage you to reach out to Samsung to request them to move forward with our integration.

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  • There's only one or two of us? How many people signed up for your beta? I know I didn't even get a chance to test it so there must a ton. Maybe someone (savvy and techy unlike me) can start a discussion on how to approach Samsung with our request. Come up with a boilerplate petition that each of us can send to Samsung. We need the strength of numbers.

  • I just called into Samsung to register my feature request - Cronometer to SHealth.
    @nrovyn your right ... need to get more volume.

    Hope to see this feature sooner vs later

  • Awesome - Thanks @CarlosV ! Lets make some noise!

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  • @CarlosV how did you requested it? I will also like to request it too.

  • @gmarquezp contact the samsung media solutions support team. they will enter the request and pass it along to the development team.

  • I contacted Samsung Support and they directed me to open a thread in the Samsung Community site. I don't know if it will be helpful but I guess it's a start.
    Maybe you can add your voices to the thread or if someone else has a better idea - let's go that route.

    This is response from the moderator:

    Samsung Moderator SamsungJoJo
    Samsung Moderator
    Re: Samsung Wearables/Health Integration with Cronometer
    59m ago

    Thank you for your interest in sharing your ideas with Samsung. We appreciate your feedback and will tag it on the forum so that it will appear with other feedbacks, ideas, and requests. This will allow your post to be more easily found in the event that Samsung product groups are seeking outside feedback/requests/ideas regarding our products.

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    Awesome! Thanks for posting this @norvyn , both on the Samsung Website as well as this forum! I would encourage you to reach out to the Cronometer integration request thread as well, as its a popular thread in which samsung has been requested previously, and will be visible to non-beta testers as well:

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  • @Hilary Thank you for staying on top of this. I also left a reply to Samsung. ;)

  • Thanks @Kathleen1961 and @patdis !

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  • I submitted my info via email per the instructions. I've waited a long time for this. I hope I can be included.

    Thank you,


  • Finally. We've been waiting a long time for this. Thank you Cronometer and @Hillary and thank you Samsung (even if you were a pain in the... ;) Watch4 Classic ordered.

    Cronometer Post on 08/12/2021 (

    Today, as Samsung unveils their latest addition to the wearables market with the new Samsung Galaxy Watch4 and Galaxy Watch4 Classic, Cronometer is excited to announce their partnership as the featured nutrition tracking app.
    We believe in being at the forefront of nutrition tracking and therefore thrilled to be partnered with a company that is pushing to give its customers cutting edge technology to reach their health goals.
    What makes the Galaxy Watch4 series so incredible?
    On top of a myriad of amazing features what truly revolutionizes this wearable is the introduction of BIA tracking. The watch is able to tell you, in real time, the metrics of your body composition.
    This provides Samsung Galaxy Watch4 users with the unparalleled ability to monitor and track their health to realize their nutrition and fitness goals. The Cronometer Wear OS watch app offers a glance at your daily nutrition report, including Energy Balance, Highlighted Nutrients, and Nutrition Scores.
    Have questions? You know we have answers! Send us a message if you need assistance with this amazing new integration!

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