I am new to cronometer and I am able to meet everything but with b12. It stays a grey circle rega

crrcle regardless of what I add as food. Why is that?


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    Do the foods that you input have bit B12 in their nutritional information to be able to add it up to the target amount? I’m just thinking aloud here as I have only been using this app & forum for 10 days so still figuring things out myself. But as I have used nutritional yeast flakes that are bit b12 fortified there are days when I easily make my bit b12 target and it is reflected in my nutrition charts.

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    First, I would double check that you don't have a "custom" value set (the amount we need per day is 2.4 mcg). It's also possible that the products you are entering don't list B12 on their label; if that's the case, try to enter more generic products. Lastly, if you are eating a plant-based diet, you won't meet vitamin B12, as this nutrient is only found in animal products. If you are vegetarian/vegan or even semi-vegetarian, it's important to supplement with at least 50 mcg per day (or 1000 mcg every 2-3 days).

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