Cronometer not sending food data to Google Fit?

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I use Cronometer to (besides logging my food) send this information through Google Fit so it can be shown in another app called Strong.

This works fine when I use MyFitnessPal (which I absolutely hate with a passion).

However, when using Cronometer, it doesn't seem to work.

Google Fit unfortunately doesn't seem to have any way in the app to see your food logged, but it does definitely receive and store this information because it has successfully pushed all of this info to another app for me.

Has anyone else been able to share their food data from Cronometer through Google Fit and have it display in a third app? Also, does anyone know if any way at all to view food information in Google Fit? I cannot seem to find a way to do this at all.

Also, is there a way to make sure that Google Fit does not send any data BACK to Cronometer? I want data to pass only from Cronometer TO Google Fit (not the other way around). Because at current it seems to be syncing two-ways and that means I get 2 weight readings. Cronometer could you please give us an option for only one-way sync (i.e. export from Cronometer only)

EDIT: @Hilary

I found this post from you last April:

It's quite unclear because you use the word import twice. Am I to understand that Cronometer does not export any data to Google Fit at all? If I am correct, why is this the case and can you please change it? This is a serious loss of functionality as it means that Cronometer cannot use Google Fit as a medium to pass through a lot of data to third-party apps.

Can you please make this a big priority as it means that Cronometer is literally unable to pass its data anywhere outside of its own app... it makes using your app for logging food pointless if I wish to share that information with another app.


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