Lundberg Brown Basmatti Rice nutrients

Why does something like a cup of this product show 0 nutrients for every nutrient? Doesn't brown rice have b vitamins? I don't understand this. Or does it mean no one entered the data? It seems like a cup is a significant amount. I'm underweight so everything counts right now. :) Thanks!


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    Thanks for your question!

    I'm going to ask @Karen_Cronometer or @Hilary to join in, but I would suggest entering 1 cup of cooked rice (i.e. "basmati rice cooked in unsalted water"), not one cup of uncooked rice. The nutrient profile will be much more accurate this way.

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  • This comes down to the source of the nutrition information. For many brand name products, nutrition information comes from the manufacturer, who are required to list the nutrients in the nutrition facts table only.

    To get even more nutrient data, search for generic versions of the brand name products you use. We have great databases for whole foods with comprehensive nutrient profiles. For example, try using "Rice, Brown, Long-Grain, Cooked" rather than the Lundberg brand and you will see many more nutrients listed!


    Karen Stark
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  • Oh I see! Thanks, that is super helpful to me right now! I think I understand what it means now. I'll just put in the generic version. I do normally put the cooked version because I'm not that accurate with uncooked rice and the outcome. I always make too much somehow.
    Thanks very much to you both.

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