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I'm confused. My Net Carbs per day should be 25 or less. Today my Net carbs are already over. (Ever wish you could un-eat something? Didn't realize tomato had so many carbs) So Net Carbs for today says 31g but the "percentage wheel" says n/a carbs. How does that work? Do I need to adjust something? Also, is it possible to upload a picture from my computer into my forum post? I made a screen shot but can't see how to inlcude it.


  • Hi Vivi,

    There is an option to show the percentage nutrient target wheel for Carbs, and also Net Carbs separately. You can choose which nutrients you would like to see by selecting the gear icon in the Nutrients Targets area.

    The Carbs wheel may be showing 'n/a' if you have set your carbs goal to zero, or in other words, you have no target set for carbohydrates. One quick way to check is to scroll down to the Carbohydrates section of the nutrient targets and click on 'Carbs' You should see a box pop up which will allow you to view/edit the target. You can also edit your macronutrient settings from the Profile tab.

    Karen Stark
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  • In the Profile tab my Carbs setting is Min.=130, Max says -g(0?). Fiber is Min=25, max=-g. Net Carbs is Min=0, Max=25g

  • I find it helps tremendously to log my food before I eat it. That way I can tweak things to fit better into my macros and I'm not taken by surprise by unexpected carbs. It also helps me to plan my day in advance. Best of luck to you!

  • @IndyIlene

    This is something I tell my clients to do. Planning your food ahead of time also stops your mind from constantly thinking "what am I going to eat next?". The more we think about food, the more we tend to mindless eat or overeat. Keep up the great work!

    Kind regards,

    Susan Macfarlane, MScA, RD
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