Possible to add recipies to diary?

Hey. So I created a bunch of recipies and now I want to add some of them to my daily diary. Is this possible to do at all? I can't seem to find any functionality for it.


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    Hi there,

    You bet! You can add recipes to your diary by using the Add Food button in the diary page. Then search for your recipe name, select it from the list and away you go!

    You can also use the Custom tab in the Food Search to narrow down your search results to only your custom foods and recipes to make them easier to find:

    You can add recipes to your diary from the Foods tab, right after you have created them too! Click on the Add to Diary button in the top right corner in the Custom Recipe screen:


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    Of course, you can add your recipes to the diary! This is a handy feature. Depending on your app or platform, you can find it under "Custom Entries" or "Add Custom Meals." Find those options and enter your recipe ingredients and nutritional information. This is a great way to keep track of your nutrition and stay on top of your goals.

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