Calories remaining and macronutrient target don't match

I am confused because my calories remaining in the Calories Summary does not match the kcal amount in the Macronutrient Targets. I haven't eaten anything or exercised yet as you can see. Why don't they match? Which should I follow?


  • Hi Carly,

    The Budget in your Calories Summary is calculated as:
    Calories Burned - Calories Consumed +/- your weight goal.

    If you have customized your macronutrient and energy target using Fixed Values, you can find these targets in the Macronutrient Targets section. You might prefer to use values you have calculated for yourself rather than your estimated energy balance calculated by Cronometer - and that's ok! If you would like to use your custom values, stick with the numbers shown in your Macronutrient Targets.


    Karen Stark
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