Question about vit k, iodine and omega 3.

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Why is Iodine not listed in the minerals? Or vitamin K2 since it's not the same as vitamin K. Also I would like to see omega 3 broken down to at least EPA and DHA acid. Since their role is different.

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  • Hi Gudfinnaberg,

    Iodine is not shown by default because we don't have a lot of data for the iodine content of foods.

    You can add it to your profile if you like!
    Please go to: Settings > Targets > Nutrient Targets > Minerals.
    Find Iodine in the list and check the box in the visible column to add it.

    We don't have the breakdown of types of omega 3 or vitamin K1 and K2 (though typically sources only analyze vitamin K1 (phylloquinone) only). We will look for sources of this information to include when we can. Thanks!

    Karen Stark
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