What are your top issues / pet peeves with Cronometer?

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This is an informal poll (I'm not affiliated with Cronometer, just a passionate user).

What are the issues in Cronometer that bug you most, on a daily basis? (Not talking about feature requests, just issues.) Mine:

  1. Jumbled order when adding foods, instead of adding them at the end of the list, especially via pasting, but also via Add Food in some situations. Makes timestamps kinda pointless and more work than not having them (not renewing my Gold because of that).
  2. Search shows foods I've never had above foods I did have
  3. Slow startup time of the Android app.


  • I suppose the fact that your list shows such minor items speaks volumes at how good Cronometer is.

    Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.

  • I suppose the fact that your list shows such minor items speaks volumes at how good Cronometer is.

    Minor issues? Have you clicked on link #3?

    The fact that you call these minor, speaks volume about how good of a Cronometer fan you are :)

    But anyway, if they're so minor, how come they haven't been fixed in years?

  • App integration. Withings disconnects daily, Fitbit records exercise twice. (Not sure if these are Cronometer issues).

    Overall, I am happy with the app. I can find the foods I eat, make recipes for common meals, track total and net carbs.

  • Doesn’t track steps or water

  • Doesn’t track steps or water

    That's not a pet peeve. Those are features, and you can track water. Steps are probably tracked through a bunch of integrations.

  • Pet peeves:

    1. When adding ingredients for a new recipe, the page will suddenly refresh when I'm searching for an item. It takes me back to the Diary window so now I need to go back to Custom foods and start over again. The workaround is to continually save after each ingredient is added.
    2. The list for Custom foods is not in alphabetical order. Actually, I'm not able to tell what specific order the program uses. Also, the list has a maximum number of items that is visible. I need to enter a search string to find a food item.
    1. Horizontal barcode scanner and screen rotates when rotating phone. (open milk carton) Maybe this could be fixed by app locking rotate temporarily.
    2. Default "serving" size marked to 100g and not the net weight of single serving product.
    3. Search should be smarter with partial match. Not showing most used custom items on top.
    4. No offline login mode
    5. Full volume ads at night.

    Few others, that are more like feature requests. Anyway, not missing too much from MFP.

    1. I can't sort favorites alphabetically on desktop. At least, I can't figure out how to.
    2. On Android, when I open the app for the first time that day, it displays the prior day's diary. I then tap next the next day button, and it skips 2 days (so that it is now displaying tomorrow's diary page). If I try a different approach, and pull down to refresh, it will still not show me the current day's diary.
  • @dewitt: I have the same issue in the Android app around midnight. If I add a food to the current day, but the time is just a bit after midnight, it lands in the next day. I have to move to the next day and then back to the current day, to add the food to "today".

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