30 Day Challenge - who's with me? Starting 4th September

Hey all,
Brian from the cronometer team here.
As I said when introducing myself in the intro’s section, https://forums.cronometer.com/discussion/comment/71/#Comment_71 I’ve struggled a bit with an unhealthy BMI for the last while.
I’m going to take the opportunity of the launching of the new forums platform to set myself a goal to get within my healthy BMI before our 2nd baby is born (my wife is due in mid/late November).

This requires losing about 15lbs in ten weeks. The last time I was within the healthy BMI range for my body type (20-25) was 2012. Here’s my weight trend chart since 2011 (you can see yours via the Trends tab on the web and in the app):

As with any goal we wish to achieve, I believe in setting clear goallines so I can know if I’m making progress, and only move the goalline after I’ve achieved it. I weighed myself this morning and I’m currently 199.5lbs, giving me a BMI of 28.6.
I’m going to set the lose 1.5lbs a week goal in cronometer initially for the 30 day challenge with a goal to seeing how sustainably close I can get to 180lbs by mid November. This is the weight goal section on the web Profile tab:

As you can see, this requires a daily calorie deficit of 748 but I like my food and beer. So what to do?
Weight loss being 80% diet and 20% exercise, I’m going to cut back on my calories but I’m also going to give myself some wriggle room by doing the gym 3 times per week, from my past experience this will allow me 6-700 calories on those days. This will stop me form feeling deprived of my favourites, the aforementioned food and beer ????

Congratulations if you’ve read this far! And Hi Mom!

What I would love is for others to join me on my 30 day challenge and see if you can reach your goals with Cronometer.
I’d love to find a body twin out there, on the same BMI so we can spot each other on this journey.

Looking forward to hearing from you guys – and I’ll update as I’m starting on the 4th September.



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  • Brian,

    I'm already losing the MOST that I can considering my age (many years into full menopause)...

    But I want to congratulate you in your ambitious goal--and may God bless you so that you may achieve it! And may other many young (or relatively young) people on Cronometer join you.

    Have a an overall successful journey!


  • Thanks Connie. It's going to be tough but hopefully rewarding!

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  • Hey all,
    Well, today’s the day. I’ve set my goal to 1.5lbs per week, have had my Weetabix and am ready to start the first week.

    I’ll admit I’m unsure how well I’ll be able to stick to my calories deficit but am eager to start.

    I had what I imagine is a standard ‘before diet’ weekend where I ate too much. My starting weight is now 201.65lbs. :/

    Today I plan on a 45 minute gym session to ease myself back into it – myself and the gym haven’t see much of each other lately, so best to take it easy to start.

    This week I’ve an Ireland football match which normally comes with a beer and some fast food, so this will be a change!

    I’m also going to track my mood as a manually inputted biometric in cronometer, as I’m sure I’ll be cranky as I miss my food, but I’d like to see if I get the same long lasting high that I’ve seen in others from gym, and any weight loss.

    Wish me luck!

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    Can I join you tomorrow, days is half way in and there is roast tonight.
    Is there room for another Brian or is this thread a No Brian's club, in that you are allowed one.

    I am 290 as of this morning so I'll be at it a lot longer than you but meh.

    I'm 47 soon to be 48, my time is my own as I live off of investments. No wife, no kids no major stress.

    I used to be 325 back in 2002 and dropped down to 275, never been above 295 so that is better than many in terms of losing and keeping off. I've been as low as 235.

    I am comfortable with establishing a set eating pattern daily and sticking with it.
    3 fruits, 3 veg [carrot, broc, lettuce] 2 servings of meat, 150 grams dried weight of lentils, 330 grams of skim milk, weetabix [Huzzah for the W], oat bran, wheat germ, flaxseed, almonds, sunflower seeds.

    I've designed the diet to provide enough protein [133 grams, about 1.66 per pound of weight if I were thin, less than broscience but more than enough] enough fat to supply my omega 3 and 6 [a bit heavier on the monos but meh] and enough carbs to provide the 135g estimated amount one needs plus enough for the gym and cardio as close as I can estimate it.

    I guestimate based on a long ago dexa scan and my current status that I have 175 to 178 of lean mass. I expect to lose some of that of course. I'd like to drop below the 195 pounds needed for 25 bmi at 6'2. If I could do that at 10% body fat, I'd be doing pretty good, under the lard there is some pumpitude. However I will play it by ear.

    I've read that male optimal looks wrt the females at least is 23 to 25 BMI at 10 to 12% bodyfat, another standard would have me at 190 to 215. I've been a fattymcfatfat all my life though and with my age I think aiming for a bmi under 25 would be best.

    I hope to go to the gym every day. Upper one day lower the next plus cardio and stretching. I expect to take at least 1 day off every 2 weeks as I go out of town and of course life, weather, zombies etc. so I figure I'll average 6 days a week.

  • What a great idea! @brian_cronometer mentioned one of the most important points when it comes to weight loss - in order for weight loss to be successful, you can't feel deprived. When it comes to indulgences such as beer (cider in my case), it's important to plan when in your week you are going to have them. I also suggest putting in some parameters around your goals to make them easier to achieve (i.e. only purchase the amount of beer you plan to drink that week). Keep us posted on your successes/challenges!

    Susan Macfarlane, MScA, RD
    Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
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  • I'm in. BMI this morning was 29.4. My goal for the last.. year? has been to bring it back to 25ish, but I like ice cream too much. I run and cycle and hit the gym.. and that's probably the only reason I'm not 300+ pounds (side note, I actually hit 300 pounds earlier in my life and made it back down under 200 before, so I know how to do it, I'm just not doing it).

    Didn't see this until today, so I'm off to a bad start -- we took the kids to the aquarium and I ate a burger and a shake at the food court. I'm not really looking forward to tracking that in cronometer. But yeah, I'm game to do what I can in the next 30 days to actually hit this goal.

    Let's do this!

  • Hey all – and welcome to the new comers. It’s never too late to get started!

    As I was falling asleep yesterday thinking about what to write here, I had 2 main thoughts – I really don’t like the gym and how am I going to keep this up. Then I wokeup and 2 other things happened:

    • I weighted myself (198.7lbs, down 3lbs)
    • I came here and say you guys giving encouragement and joining in

    Losing 3lbs is obviously due to the bad weekend, foodwise, that I just had, and the combination of doing the gym for the first time in many months while having a large calorie deficit for the day. I don’t expect to keep that pace, or indeed to keep that full 3lbs off this week. But time will tell. After the 90 minutes in the gym yesterday, it’s an encouraging start.

    I can’t tell you how uplifting it is to log in here and see the messages of encouragement and seeing others join in the challenge. They say the act of observing something changes its outcome – when it comes to achieving my weight loss goals, I’m fine with that!

    I’ve started my day with my 2 weetabix and my morning coffee, I’m dreading feeling hungry (it hasn’t happened yet). Any advice for me to stop hunger and thoughts of food taking over my life? :-/

    Thoughts on the app:
    Inputting my foods and exercise was easy.
    I found putting the exercise in before I did it was a good motivational tool to get me over my calorie burning mark.
    I made a new pork chili last night for dinner and found it easier to add the full recipe on the site rather than in the app. Then adding a portion in the app was easy. It’ll probably be today’s lunch too as it’s not too high in calories but is quite filling.

    First real test of the diet: Ireland vs Serbia is on TV tonight. It was always going to be a nervous game anyway, I might be a bit more on edge as I’m adjusting to no beer or snacks!

    I look forward to tomorrow and discussing Ireland’s win ????

    Happy Crono-ing!

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  • I don't like going to the gym either. I often joke that I do Olympic style training, 2 weeks on 4 years off. The important thing is to do something. Even if it is 1 set of horizontal push/pull, vertical push/pull, abs, and alternating squat/deads or leg press/back extension for those machine brahs. For beginners at least it seems to make little difference between 1 and 3 or more sets. Do it 3 times a week to make it a habit, half an hour for the lifting, covers everything directly or indirectly. If you toss in 30 minutes of cardio, 20 of stretching and the commute you are looking at 2 hours every second day which for the bro on the go is a serious time commitment.

    As for hunger, the low carb stuff works well for that although I am not a fan of that style. The hunger tends to go away on ketosis and once you accept the idea that even looking at a small piece of candy will knock you out of ketosis and it takes 2 weeks to get back in it [not really true] then it helps with compliance.

    Making strict rules might not get rid of the hunger but it does help deal with it. Treat it as AA does with booze.
    Baring that, have some nuts or seeds around, 20 grams is only 100 calories and should take the edge out. That and water, gives your hands and mouth something to do.
    Then there is distraction. If I have something really awesome to read on the Internet or play on the computer I could easily go without food for the whole day, I feel the hunger but I don't really care.

  • Technically day 1 for me. I find I'm better at calorie tracking on days I go to the office. There are available snacks and free sodas that I've got to avoid, but generally speaking, with my lunch packed, I can track breakfast and lunch immediately and have a good idea of how much I can have for dinner later.

    I am definitely planning to go for a run today, although I'm really sore from starting up a new routine with working out. I'm using the free Nike Training Center (club? I forget what the C stands for). They've got training plans that you can customize and it's a bit like a workout video in that you have a trainer telling you what to do, but without having to listen to the repetitive jokes that are funny the first time, but groan inducing by the 4th or 5th time you've watched that same video.

    For hunger pangs, I find water helps unless it's actually hunger. If I drink down a cup or two when I'm feeling bored hungry, it usually fills my belly enough to make me stop thinking about eating. But if I'm actually hungry, I don't have a good routine for that yet. I think I'm going to try a cup of coffee. Not that it actually fills me up, but it does affect my brain chemistry and I just need it to work until the next mealtime. And then be smart enough to not scarf down way more food than I need.

    Weighed in a pound up today.. but not surprising with 2000 calories of ice cream shake on board yesterday :/

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    Hey all,

    Thanks again for taking the time to join in and post, it really helps motivate me to start on track.

    My enthusiasm is starting to wane for the gym, but I’m enjoying the healthy home-cooked food that I’m having everyday. That said, I do have a question:

    • Does anyone else count the calories they are burning on an exercised machine in Mars bar units, or is it just me?

    In the gym I did 50 minutes running yesterday, 600 Calories or almost 3 mars bars ????

    I’ve been eating my healthy breakfast of weetabix at 8am, then working until 1pm when I do the gym, then have lunch. I just read on the ‘Ask An Expert’ forum that I’m probably doing that wrong:

    I’m already seeing weight loss results, down another 0.7lbs today, but I am fearful of burning out, particularly when it comes to the gym. So today, I’ll grab a banana and see if I can enjoy the gym a bit more. Thanks for the tip @Susan_RD_101

    If you get a moment, pop over to the ‘Begin Here’ to see the first of our team intros, and say hello to @kkelly , our resident Nutrition Scientist.

    Thanks again for following along this journey. Oh, if anyone was wondering, Ireland lost last night :'(:'(
    But hey, at least the NFL is only a few days away Go Seahawks!

    @Keymash I like that ‘Olympic style training’ – I may have to use that joke myself ????
    @doug thanks for the anti-hunger advice, I’ve been surprisingly fine to date, 2000 Calories of ice cream sounds amazing!

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  • If I can leave another little piece of encouragement it would be to make sure you are enjoying your weight loss journey. I know, weird advice right? :smiley:

    Here's the thing, if you hate what you have to do to lose weight, then you will also hate maintaining it. I don't care what someone does for exercise, as long as they enjoy it. Same with food, eat the food you like, but plan ahead for indulgences. And remember, when it comes to weight loss, calories matter. But it is the week-to-week calorie trend that will determine if we lost, gained, or stayed the same.

    Good luck everyone!

    Susan Macfarlane, MScA, RD
    Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
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  • Day 2 went really well. We had a birthday party and I only ate one piece of cake. And it didn't end until 9:45pm and I was scheduled to workout that night and was highly unmotivated to hit the gym, but managed to go and do it anyway. Down about 3 pounds as of this morning. Starting to work that ice cream off.

    Side note, my legs have been extremely sore from running too much and not stretching or strengthening at all -- I think the gym exercises are starting to help loosen things up, though they're still tight and sore.. it's less tight and sore!

  • I'm going to throw my hat in the ring. I have a 3-week old son (our first) and I gained some sympathy baby weight during the pregnancy I'm looking to get rid of. Ideally, I'm looking to lose about 10 pounds of fat, and maybe add a few back in muscle.

    Today my withings (now Nokia) scale is telling me I'm 182 lbs and 21% body fat. I think in 30 days with modest effort, I can get down to ~175 and < 20% fat.

    Aside from eating better, I will also get my resistance training going more regularly again with a light daily work out consisting of some pushups, 5-tibetans, kettlebell swings, and every other day some deadlifts and bicep curls. Nothing fancy here, just gotta do it consistently!

    I might throw in a 3 day water-fast in the mix as well, as I haven't done one in a few months.

  • i am in. good luck to all . i started a ketogenic 12 days ago . the tools in cronometer are going to help me keep on track . i see a physician tuesday who believes in low carb to lose and maintain weight. my goal is 2 pound loss a week . my goal time wise is april . but who cares , i am motivated . this forum will help all of us stay motivated. i do not exercise . would like to start walking soon. some health issues prevent that at the moment. i am 60 year old grandmother and post bariatric surgery 8 years ago (and have gained 60 pounds back. ) fasting appeals to me. i will combine a 16 hour fast with a 24 hour fast this week and use homemade beef bone broth during the 24 hour fast. fasting will def. help boost my weight loss i hope . checking for ketosis on saturday / sunday ( strips are coming in the mail) . thanks for letting me post . be well and happy all. :)

  • I took @Susan_RD_101 's advice quickly and planned my indulgence. Only problem is it involved amazing food and a free bar :-/

    As you can imagine, that was tough and I didn’t exactly pass with flying colours.
    Long story short, I’ve now experienced my first hangover on this 30 day challenge.
    It’s important to note that this was the first hangover that I couldn’t feed through (I swear by a few cans of coke and lots of junk food as a cure. Or at least to make you feel better during a hangover.)

    I couldn’t bring myself to do the gym during the hangover, so I went a day without it.
    Weird benefit to the night out, was almost a pound lighter. I imagine this is dehydration, but I’ll let our experts @Susan_RD_101 or @Frank let me know if I’m offbase here.

    Back in the gym this morning, felt good to know that I’m at day 5, and am now 5lbs down on my starting weight. Had a good healthy breakfast an feel back on track.
    I’ve another event this weekend, celebrating my mother-in-law’s 60th. Will be happy to get to the 7 day marker 3lbs down.

    Great to see more of you joining in, I hope posting in here is helping to keep you motivated, as it is for me.

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  • day 4 and I forgot I scheduled lunch out with a friend -- didn't do too poorly, but I've held steady the last 2 days at 3 pounds down and don't really want to head back in the other direction. I think the coke did me in, though. Why does it have to taste so good out of the fountain?

    Planning on a high intensity cardio workout tonight at the gym. Hope to sweat some of those calories off and wind up at least breaking even for today. I think with a sensible dinner, I can salvage today and not go back in the wrong direction.

    Side note -- last night was really hard. I was hungry and several times almost grabbed a piece of cake out of the fridge. I managed to squelch the hunger with a spoonful of peanut butter and a big glass of water. I'm pretty sure I went in the kitchen like 10 times, though.

  • i am on day 13 now. have eaten out 3 times and stuck with lettuce and grilled chicken and fish cooked in wine and butter sauce.. pretty much sticking to uner 20 carbs a day. i see others struggle with eating out.. i do as well . i do try to identify ahead the meal i can have . its a struggle when your mate luvs to eat out and thats a big part of our spending time together. so--- its a good thing to see how others cope with it. i always try to have a protein cooked (i dont eat eggs). try to keep the junk in the house to a minimum. the hot coffee and coconut oil with butter in a processor helps . the high fat satisfies. gotta mix it good and frothy . not sure if anyone else has tried this.

  • @brian_cronometer

    Oh no! I hope I didn't lead you to drink! :wink:

    Alcohol can certainly cause dehydration through a number of different mechanisms. The other issue with alcohol is that it lowers our inhibitions or, put more bluntly, makes us make really bad decisions. Saying "no" to seconds is very difficult when we are tipsy.

    Nonetheless, keep in mind that one day of poor eating doesn't undo the changes you have made thus far. Gaining one pound means you have eaten 3500 calories ABOVE your basal metabolic rate; a difficult feat for even the ambitious!

    Susan Macfarlane, MScA, RD
    Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
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  • I can't do indulgences, neither dietary nor papal.
    An indulgence quickly turns into a passive pile on of junk food.
    Likewise I can't do what I enjoy, I enjoy staying on the couch all day and stuffing huge gobs of junk food down my gaping maw. I am basically a 6'2 20 stone hairless cat.

    OTOH I avoid stuff I actually hate so or at least try to minimize it. I don't bother trying to scarf 85 grams of romaine lettuce, I do 55, likewise with the broccoli, about 2/3 of a standard serving.

    I've done utter strictness, it seems to work better for me. There is a certain pride for being able to say I've been "food sober" for X days. It gives you something to fight for.

    Back in the 90s I did the low carb thing. I bought into the idea that going beyond your carb level even a bit would smack you out of "induction" and result in two weeks of hunger. Staying on that diet was easy peasy. I could not cheat so I didn't. Wasn't even tempted. After a while I switched to the Zone and there you are only 4 hours away from being back on the zone. After a few days I was done for diet wise.

    I've had a dietitian in the past [early 00's] suggest the all or nothing approach is a bad idea but it is what works for me. YMMV of course but I think it is just easier mentally to group foods into Kosher and non Kosher. Except roast beef sandwiches from Tally Ho in Hamilton, but what happens in other area codes stay in other area codes. I can't get them around here anyway.

  • @Keymash Dietitians will shy away from strict diets because for most people, they don't work. My message to anyone is stick to what works for you, but keep the following in mind: 1) Whatever you do to lose weight, you need to do to maintain weight loss. 2) You must enjoy (or at least tolerate) the weight loss journey. It's hard to do something for the rest of your life that you dislike. And keep in mind that it is nearly impossible to gain a lb overnight. One snack or day of eating will not undue your successes. Good luck!

    Susan Macfarlane, MScA, RD
    Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
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    Hey all,

    The weekend was good fun, which translates to the weekend was tough on the diet!
    3 big family meals and the associated wine and beer was too much not to indulge a bit. As a result, I finished my first 7 days at 199.95lbs, down 1.7lbs from my starting weight of 201.65lbs. I would have been happy with that at the start of the week, but I was down almost 3lbs. Looking at my net calorie chart in the trends tab, I can see where I went wrong – it’s not rocket science, the 3 meals and drinks!

    That said, I didn’t have the opportunity to gym, which I will have all this week, so I anticipate surpassing 1.5lbs this week again.

    I find myself looking forward to the gym now, which surprises me and probably anyone who knows me!
    The reason I look forward to the gym is so I can build up some calories later to spend on food, so maybe not the reason that other’s look forward to it :o

    How have you all been doing with temptation over the weekend?
    Let me know your progress below and any further tips or tricks to gain momentum with this challenge.

    Brian cronometer.comAs always, any and all utterances here are covered by our T&Cs:https://forums.cronometer.com/discussion/27/governing-terms-and-disclaimer

  • "1) Whatever you do to lose weight, you need to do to maintain weight loss."

    My long term plan is to stick with the current diet but when I reach desired rate to add more nuts and seeds and perhaps replace the meat with perhaps some cheese and an egg. The core of the diet I do not plan to change.

    I wished a cheat snack or a cheat day were something that didn't turn into a cheat week and cheat month so easily.

  • it takes a little bit of experimenting with maintaining weight loss i would imagine. i am in the beginning of ketosis after 18 days.. my journey into ketogenic was propelled after a patient of mine spoke about loosing 100 pounds and maintaing it the loss the same way she lost the weight. Very LOW carbs.. i will pass this along --- great video on you tube, Ivor Cummins -- he's an engineer and the title is "the cholesterol conundrum. its technical in the beginning but the middle to the end is priceless. this man knows his stuff.. its all about his and others' research into low carb high fat. priceless info

  • I won't lie, I had a rough weekend. Had an internal trigger go off after I talked to my mom after 8pm -- she usually starts drinking wine after dinner and it's a struggle to actually communicate. My emotional side took over and I ate a pint of ice cream to recover from the discussion. And that was a slippery slope into finishing a bag of trail mix sitting by my desk. It wasn't a good night.

    I figured I'd be in poor shape starting off this week -- I also finished off last week missing 2 workouts, but weighing in today, I'm still 3 pounds down overall. I think I just need to put the bad behavior behind me and keep thinking about the goal. When I have weekends like this past one, it usually slips into a cheat week or cheat month like Keymash said.. If I can avoid doing that, I should be able to recover ok.

    Unfortunately, the CEO is in the office today unexpectedly, so I'll be missing a run at lunch and being persuaded to eat with the rest of the team at whatever restaurant they choose to eat at. Going to try to stick to the plan since I had such a poor weekend, it won't be easy though.

  • leave the days before behind. look ahead. get back to keto. mentally you will feel better . the rest will follow. i eat out quite often so i plan on a meat and vegetable . hope this helps :)

  • @doug

    Sorry to hear about your struggles but I think you'll find out, you are definitely not alone. We can't separate our minds from our bodies on our health journey; both deserve attention and support.

    Try to avoid the "all-or-nothing" mindtrap as well. Make your goals flexible and focus on one day at a time. One thing I suggest is saying to yourself: "What can I do today/this hour/right now to improve my health?" It can be as simple as walking for 10 minutes, stretching, taking a nap, getting a glass of water, etc.

    Good luck!

    Susan Macfarlane, MScA, RD
    Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
    As always, any and all postings here are covered by our T&Cs:

  • Hi Brian-- Best of luck with your weight loss. I have lost 24 pounds in the past 3 months and Cronometer has been crucial to my success!! Thank you!!! Although everyone is different, I will share what is now working for me:

    A Combination of the Wahls and the Shaklee diets:
    I was never a big fan of protein bars and shakes, but I did luckily get"snookered" by a swimming buddy into buying the Shaklee 180 high protein/lutein bars/shakes, and I must admit that these have helped my cravings tremendously!! So I am now following a modified Wahls/Shaklee diet--- to great success with almost no daily cravings whatsoever. Amazing for me.

    No wheat, no dairy, and no alcohol-- and the combination of getting rid of these addictive wheat/dairy/alcohol foods, plus the shaklee hi protein lutein bar in the morning and a high protein shake (sometimes with a fruit) at noon has all but eliminated my cravings!!

    At night, I follow a modified Dr. Wahls diet--- no dairy, no wheat, no alcohol, no sugar is a given all day---- plus 1 cup each of EACH of the following colors of fruit or veggie: 1 cup RED (raspberries, strawberry, beets or tomato) 1 cup BLUE (blueberries,black grapes or blackberries) 1 cup ORANGE/YELLOW (squash, carrot, cantaloupe, etc) plus 1 cup of sulphur veggies (mushrooms, onions, cauliflower, kale, broccoli, garlic, etc) PLUS one entire plate of green leafy salad every day with a small grilled organic chicken breast or 2 ounces lean organic steak. No legumes are allowed at the outset, due to the lectins. Organ meats are included once per week. A few non roasted nuts can also be eaten. Meats and fruits/vegetables should be organic -- at least for a while. I know its expensive, but our bodies are so full of toxic chemicals and the greens and the sulphur veggies help to detoxify-- why add more?

    This enzyme rich Wahls diet CURED Dr. Wahls of MS, and also helps with all other auto immune disorders. I also think the colors have jump started my weight loss and the colors (wt the protein bars) reduce my cravings to almost nothing every day--- making this combo Wahls/Shaklee diet painless!!!

    Its actually fun to plan the different colors every day, i.e. strawberries in the shake, or tomato in the salad today?? Blackberries or blueberries today? Cantaloupe, carrot or squash today? I will generally try to choose the colored vegetable over the fruits, but I treat myself to the colored fruit too. Occasionally I will be bad and have 1/3 cup of rice with the chicken breast and salad. But white carbs slow my weigh loss!!

    Wheat of any kind prompts cravings and addictions!!!!! (it has been hybridized over the pat 20 years to be addictive) this is why it must be avoided-- it also has loads of glyphosate weed killer--- an endocrine disruptor!! Dairy, including cheese is also addictive--- why on earth does the baby cow go to the tit?? The milk has an addictive chemical, that's why!! Wheat plus dairy= pizza and we all know how addictive pizza is.

    So, yesterday, for the 1 cup of sulphur veggies, I sauteed mixed exotic mushrooms with a touch of Williams Sonoma Lemon-Habanero olive oil and a freshly sliced garlic bulb--- and it was SCRUMPTIOUS on top of the grilled chicken or on 2 ounces of organic tenderloin. Other days I will have delicious roasted cauliflower, garlic and tomatoes, with a touch of hot sesame oil and pepper. It really satisfies. Anyway the above combination of approaches, plus daily cronometer entries--- have allowed me to successfully lose 24 pounds so far--- I will of course have to wean off the Shaklee bars and shakes when I go to maintenance., but the habit of the daily plate of green salad and the colors is now firmly established!!

  • @mnanagrandma Glad to find another keto lifestyler here. I have been low carb since July 1 and keto since Aug 1. I do intermittent fasting varying between 12 and 16 hours daily, one 24 hour fast weekly and at least one 3-4 day fast a month. I also am post bariatric surgery 13 years ago, lost 150 pounds but never hit goal weight with 100 pounds to go. I had gained back 25 pounds. I now have them off plus about 5 more so I am at my lowest weight since at least 2003 likely much longer. What a rush!

    I have also lost 3+ inches on my waist, the need for blood pressure meds, my fibromyalgia pain is gone and my fasting glucose and hgbA1c is out of the pre diabetic range. I no longer have cravings and am full and satisfied all of the time. I can't say enough about the great things Keto has done for me. Hope to keep up with you and am looking to see if there is a way to follow someone on this forum? @Brian Doherty , maybe you can answer that, can we follow each other's posts specifically?

    I don't know if there is time to join this challenge, two weeks late but I would certainly love to! I will look forward to other challenges and scale and nonscale victories!

  • Ceithlenn----great to hear from you . So glad the keto suits you. I think its fantastic . I had baseline labs today to i will see in 2 weeks at the follow up exactly where i stand. But i know it will only get better . It is a rush stepping on the scale for the first time in a longtime for me as well. I do try to keep it simple with just a few recipes. Got one today for a no carb pizza crust that i am trying this weekend. I will let everone know.. keep in touch through this forum . I wanted to try the fast but the physician said to wait. But it is happening of itself almost when i follow the rule to only eat when I am hungry. Keep strong in the keto journey. If you haven't seen ivor Cummins on you tube check it out , hes an engineer and does a great job explaining keto etc. a lot on cholesterol too. A very technical first half of video , but the middle to the end is great. He really explains carb intolerance . It's about 70 % of our population. Be well

  • edited September 2017

    Hey all,

    Good to see more of you joining in! I don’t currently have the discipline to go full keto – simply controlling my calorie intake and giving myself some calorific room by increasing my gym time is my modus operandi for the moment.

    It’s been a week since I posted and it’s been a stressful week! Let’s just say, it’s difficult to adhere to a food and gym plan when you get thrown curveballs like a day in A&E and a forgotten wedding anniversary – I assure you that they are not connected :#

    I weighed-in this morning at 196lbs so still ahead of schedule, which is generally what is seen at the start of a diet change I believe.
    Full disclosure, I’m trying ot be ahead of target by Sept 29th as I’m heading to the US for an NFL game weekend and probably won’t be as disciplined as I should be.

    Now, off to the gym to do 4 pints of Guinness worth of exercise:

    Best of luck for this week!

    Brian cronometer.comAs always, any and all utterances here are covered by our T&Cs:https://forums.cronometer.com/discussion/27/governing-terms-and-disclaimer

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