Ketogenic Diet: Protein Requirements

Hi - Quick question about protein requirements on Keto. I have completed several Keto calculators and most protein requirements for me are approx 30-40g higher than cronometer. I'm new to this and want to make sure I have my macros correct. I'm struggling because all the calculators ask the same questions but drive different results. The significant difference is with cronometer and the other calculators. How do I know what is correct? What should I use?

Background: I have set-up my profile on chronometer to reflect the ketogenic diet with 20g of net carbs per day.

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    I don't typically work with keto diets in my practice, but believe individuals typically set the macro targets at 70% fat, 5% net carb, with remainder coming from protein. Personally, I advise people to ensure that protein intake is at the RDA or at least 1 g per kg of ideal body weight (~.5 g per lb of body weight). One of the unintentional side effects of eating keto is a loss of lean body mass. As such, it's important to get enough protein, as well as engage in strength-training exercises.

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