Strategy to grow database?

Hi guys, I like the app so far and I am a MFP convert. However, the dB has still a long way to go. What is your strategy to get the dB more robust. I was searching today for some Swiss Chalet food that wasn't there.

Please let me know. Just wondering where the balance is between accuracy vs. robustness of the food dB.

Love the app so far.



  • For branded products, it is pretty easy to scan the barcode, then take the pictures of the packaging to add items to the database using the mobile app. Cronometer seems pretty quick to review and add these to the database so that others can use them. They won't add anything to the public database that they cannot source published data for (either government mandated labeling or research lab data). Cronometer doesn't control what goes into the lab tested data sets, they just use that data. You can be pretty confident that the foods in the database are accurately listed - a key reason I decided to come here from MFP.

  • I wouldn't call nearly a year "pretty quick".

  • Perhaps I've just happened to have some foods show up sooner because someone else added them earlier than I did, so I thought they were added quickly.

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