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Can we get a time stamp for when items are entered? I like to check my blood sugar a certain number of minutes after I eat and log it. Right now I have to make a note after each time I enter the biometric. It would be nice to have an automatic time stamp on it, where you can, of course, change the time, as needed.


  • Hi Ticklemeshell,

    I can certainly see the benefit of having a time stamp for something like keeping track of blood glucose throughout the day. We have added this to our list of new features to add. You have found a great work-around in the meantime.


    Karen Stark
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  • This would actually be a nice feature for meal items in general. It could just apply the current timestamp when a meal was added, or let you modify it if you pre-plan your meals.

  • A while back this was requested but nothing yet. I've added the time whenever I log what I consume by using the "note" feature but that adds multiple lines. It helps to track the times of eating and thus is a handy tool to make useful changes, especially when trying to change harmful eating habits. On the dairy page, could this feature be included in a left hand column. I always have lots of space between "description" and "amount" columns.

  • You are a mind reader TIckle me. I have thought this from day one. I just never got around to posting it. Thanks for your doig so!


    Joe Tittiger
    Seymour MO
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  • Plus one. This would be great!

  • Is there any estimate of when this feature might be added? I think it was about a year ago or more when I first mentioned a time slot.

  • As a gold member I was able to create new biometrics to track: morning blood glucose (fasting) : evening blood glucose (2 hours postprandial : morning blood ketones : evening blood ketones. I find he trend charts to be much more useful in this manner, rather than the day being averaged

    -- Finn!

  • A time stamp would be great. I recently tested six different food trackers and I am very happy with my choice of Cronometer because of it's speed and ability to track micronutrients. Of the six I tested, only one had this feature (My Diet Coach, otherwise not chosen because it is slower and does not have a web version, just a mobile app).

  • Need collapsing diary category entries. To much scrolling up and down the page to see results in bottom section, nutrients, kcal, etc...

  • Time stamp needed for Dr visits. Excel CVS printout only reflects date and glucose reading. Doctor needs time of reading. Other than that I love the program.

  • What I would like is a way to group foods by a meal or a snack and to easily know the total carb level for each meal or snack so this can be related to the amount of quick acting insulin taken before a meal to assist in understanding and controlling postprandial glucose rise. It would be helpful if the exercise time and intensity were also time stamped as these affect BGLs also.

  • Disregard most of my immediately prior post. I have only been using Cronometer for less than a day. I now see I can group entires by groups that I set up up, such as breakfast, am snack, etc. The only thing I would like would be sub-totals by group but I can see I am going to need a calculator, scale and unit conversion calculator handy so I can add them up myself.

  • @TambourineMan , with the web interface, you can click on the meal itself and the nutritional summary below will only be for everything listed in that meal. This will work with individual entries as well.

    -- Finn!

  • That's super. I have been using another diary that provided this, but the nutrients are inaccurate so I went seeking other ones. I have only been using Cronometer for a day and it is the best.

  • I concur with the timestamp request. This would greatly improve the usefulness of the data That we enter. My wife’s export of glucose entries to our doctor only had dates on them so the doctor was less able to detect any possible patterns. The entered data also integrates into other apps that use Apple’s Health app in the wrong chronolical order because of the 12:00am midnight time stamp associated with all entries into Cronometer. I hope this isn’t too hard to integrate and can happen soon. Thank you very much for the great software.

  • I agree with this feature request for timestamps. I hope you implement it. It would help with various intermittent fasting regimens like 16:8, 12:12 etc.

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