Kiwi & Nectarine : skin & seed included in weight when logging?

Hi, I hope you are well.

I am debating with myself : when logging in cronometer : does kiwi include the weight of the skin or not ? Does nectarine include the weight of the seed or not?

Why does it matter to me?
I am tracking my fiber consumption because I realized recently how fiber is important for these benefits in general : to keep me regular (bowel movement), for a healthy balance of gut bacteria flora, and the positive effect resulting from from a well fed gut bacteria flora.

I did a quick google search, found a cronometer Q&A. Below is an interesting quote with the reference :
"[...] So the weight will not include things like the bones of meats or skins, peels and seeds of fruits and vegetables that we don't typically eat."

Kiwi for me is in the gray zone. I feel some eat it, some discard it. How do I interpret this?
Ideally, it would be great if you could provide a reference covering this grey zone (of mine) so I avoid the need to keep posting similar questions in the future.

I am sorry if this thread contains many questions. Thanks for helping me to the best of your ability.

Best regards,

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    Hi Karim,

    That's a good question. The values from NCCDB and USDA are based on the typical method of preparation in the USA. I've not found a resource where they describe in detail what is included for every food item, but sometimes you can get clues from the serving size (such as "Oranges, Raw, Florida" from USDA one of the serving sizes describes "1 cup sections, without membranes"). Or you can search for foods from Food Data Central to see if there is any additional information about what parts of the fruit are included https://fdc.nal.usda.gov/index.html

    I didn't find anything for kiwi or nectarine, though I believe kiwi does not include the skin and am even more confident that nectarine nutrient data does not include the pit in the middle.

    Karen Stark
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    Hi Karen,

    Thanks a lot for your reply, much appreciated.

    Based on the principle that the weight does not include things that we typically don't eat, it makes lots of sense to not count the stone/pit of the nectarine. My intuition leads to me to say that most people throw the stone/pit, based on my personal xp. But it is good to know that the database is based on what is commonly done in a certain geographic region. That's a plus of info to know, thanks for sharing.

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