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How does a vegan meet requirements besides eating the vegan foods recommended? I eat plenty of dark leafy greens daily and incorporate mushrooms frequently etc, but can't meet or get close to daily requirement. I'm considering and researching a vegan iron supplement. Any suggestions will be appreciated (other than suggesting consuming meat/dairy). Yes, I will have my iron levels tested. I'd much rather meet requirement with food than supplementation, but not having any success.


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    To obtain adequate iron it's important to include plant protein foods throughout the day. Vegetables will just not meet your iron needs. I typically recommend vegans eat soy foods/seitan at least 1x per day, along with 1 cup beans. Other food sources include pumpkin seeds, some grains like quinoa, COOKED spinach, and blackstrap molasses. You could also use a "lucky iron fish" to make "iron water" (boil it and leave it in your fridge overnight).

    It's also helpful to minimize inhibitors of iron absorptions, such as caffeine.

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    Susan Macfarlane, MScA, RD
    Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
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    adding beans to my daily lunch salad, 7 grams of tofu w/cooked spinach at dinner with quinoa - packs on the calories, but no way around it to gain protein/iron...

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    Never heard of an "iron fish"....I'll do some research.

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