How do you upload recipes using a json file? I can't get it to work...

I found the option to "import from json file..." but yet when I save a file in note++ as ".json", I get an error saying "Please upload a compatible import file"

How do I get this to work? It'd make things SO much easier to just upload/import them, rather then manually add everything with every recipe.

I did a quick search in the help section, but I didnt see anything that addressed this issue specifically (unless I missed something?)

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  • So there is no way to upload a recipe? Even if from publications by Dr Mercola?

  • Hi AngieB,

    We do not have a way to import recipes from outside sources - but this is a requested feature that we are working on for the future.

    We recently included a number of recipes from Dr. Mercola's Ketogenic Cookbook in our database - so we may already have the one you are looking for!


    Karen Stark
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  • I’d love to see this feature!! I have tons of recipes in AnyList that I would love to import directly into Cronometer with json.

  • I'm a software developer by day so wouldn't mind knowing the json schema so I can do this manually (I know my way around json just fine). I could just export some but it's easier if you guys just tell me :)

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