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  • @Katijay Thanks for your post. I just added a tablespoon of hemp seeds to my salad dressing (2 portions of dressing). I use the same brand of Hemp Seeds you do from Costco. I was surprised by your statement as one of the reasons I include hemp seeds in my diet (in moderation due to the fat) is for the Omega 3.

    one ounce of hulled hemp seeds providing 2.5 grams of omega-3
    Source: https://www.healwithfood.org/nutrition-facts/hemp-seeds-omega-3-content.php#ixzz6WdM0Gdea

    I checked the package in my cupboard because it was a mystery why Omega 3 would not be listed in the Nutritional Facts,. Surprise! I found it listed both on the front and back of the package (not in a user friendly way if measuring amounts), but not in the Nutritional Facts. Interesting.

    JFYI....I like to gain all my nutrients through food, but a couple are very difficult to acquire as I am a whole foods plant based vegan. I do supplement with a vegan algae sourced Omega 3 as it is a challenge.

    Thanks for your post....Wishing you much success!

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