How to achieve approximately 90% of nutrients target?

With breakfast and lunch I reach 70% but with dinner I add only 10% whatever I eat!Why is that?


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    Hi Rusen2018,

    Have you tried eating your lunch for dinner instead? :D

    I'm not sure why your dinners don't seem to contribute as much to your nutrient targets, but I was wondering if you have tried the Suggest Foods feature? There is a button in the Nutrient Targets section of the diary page.

    The Nutrient Oracle recommendation engine searches a curated list of common foods then suggests foods that will help complete your nutrient targets, as well as matching your macronutrient goals as best it can.


    Karen Stark
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    The keyword in your original post is "add". :) You only get the extra 10% at dinner because majority of the dinner nutrition overlaps with what you've already achieved at breakfast and lunch. If you highlight your dinner content only, you'd probably have similar nutrition % to your breakfast or lunch individually.

    I tend to achieve 95% daily without supplements (99% with supplements) on a typical day, but that is with the following tricks:

    • Eat and log whole foods from NCCDB, not brand name foods or restaurant meals
    • Hide nutrients that even NCCDB doesn't have a lot of data on, such as biotin and iodine -- Cronometer alerts you when you try to make them visible
    • Hide nutrients that you are not worried about, such as fluoride for me, because tap water tends to be fluorinated and drinks I make from tap water rarely include fluoride information
    • Unless you're a vegetarian or vegan worried about not eating complete protein, hide all the amino acids -- best way is still to find a complete entry from NCCDB or USDA
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