Optimal sugar intakes?!

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first I want to ask: why when I add banana, sugar content is counted towards sugar RDA? I was told - only added sugars count towards sugar RDA!!!

I want to ask about optimal sugar intakes per day. I know complex carbs are more healthier, because they are broken down more slowly and don't spike blood sugar and don't make you fat! But they are broken down to sugars eventually nevertheless...

I wanted to ask what is optimal sugar intake total per day? Because brain needs sugar from time to time to not feel tired! So ideally one would spread out sugar intakes. How often I should eat sugar from starches and sugar found in fruits so my brain is not tired?!



  • Hi empleat,

    You'll see the total amount of sugar in the foods you've logged shown in your sugar target. There is no daily target or maximum threshold set by default, so you'll see your intake next to "No Target". If you find a level of intake that works for you, or you'd like to stay under a certain amount you can customize you target. There is a separate target for Added Sugar available in your Nutrient Targets, if you'd like to keep an eye on that too!

    You break down other carbs, like starch, during digestion to supply sugar, so there is no RDA for sugar on its own. Reaching the Recommended Dietary Allowance for carbohydrates of 130 g/d takes into account brain needs.

    Your body is designed to store some sugar to give you a steady supply in between meals, though it is certainly worth experimenting with timing of meals and snacks if you're feeling tired during the day! Some other things to consider that may help too - energy and macronutrients in your meals, caffeine and alcohol intake, exercise and sleep patterns, stress levels.

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  • sugar don’t make anyone fat. A caloric surplus does. You could lose the same weight eating pizza and donuts as you could eating salads if the calories are the same.

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