Garmin sleep not correctly synced

I now this has been reported in the past also, but it still is not solved it seems. My Garmin (645, if that matters) logs reasonable sleep data. The import into cronometer is sometimes way off, here are just two examples:
January 13th: Garmin 7h16m, crono 8.08h.
January 19th: Garmin 7h23m, crono 2.25h (!)

Also, could you please display sleep time as some sort of time (hh:mm) instead of fractions of something?


  • Hi jhwist,

    I like the idea of showing sleep in that format, cheers!

    Would you mind sending our support team some screenshots of the Garmin device for around those dates? We're looking for clues - was your sleep interrupted on those nights? Did either of those sessions start after midnight? Do those amounts line up with anything on previous or subsequent days? etc.


    Karen Stark
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  • Hi Karen,
    done. Looking forward to getting this solved (no other services I use get wrong sleep info from Garmin, that's what puzzles me...)

  • Hi, maybe I shouldn't be bumping this old thread, but I just came looking for info on this topic. I have noticed strange sleep numbers too but never investigated. However, today when I looked at my calendar on web I saw activity for tomorrow; when I clicked to see what was there the only entry is 5.3 hours of sleep imported from Garmin! I love Cronometer and find it to be brilliant but it probably can't predict how much I'll sleep in the future :D unless maybe you're predicting based on activity level and caffeine intake? Thought I'd drop that info here in case it helps with troubleshooting.
    Thanks for all your work!

  • Also having this same issue. Think I will just start adding sleep manually, but that's a bit annoying.

  • Came here looking for why the sleep from my Garmin Instinct doesn't sync correctly. Reporting this as a still continuing issue.

  • I am still running into this problem as well. Anybody know of a workaround?

  • Same issue here. It works as expected with other apps.

  • Not working for me either (Garmin Instinct 2 Solar).

  • IT never worked for me. I just turned it off. Perhaps it is the fact that sleep crosses over a day change.

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