How many people on here are on the keto diet?



  • I am!

    Link for ketofit (oneword)
    Impulsive Keto site carries the links for all the sites. I been a member of all the sites except the neuro one for over a year. When I use the macro calculator I use the ratio's of the protein, fat, carbs. I genreally ignore the calorie recommendation. When I am in weight loss mode I generally go for BMR + 200-300 additional calories.
    I enjoy this site there is a lot of useful information. Ben McDonald shares his ideas for combining Keto way of eating and adding electrolye supplements for when participating in endurance exercise (like tri's, long runs, cycling, etc) and serious weight lifting (looking to make serious gains) not just "toning". I take what I need and leave the rest. Explore the various sister sites, like all facebook pages there is a lot of information and you have to sift around. I tend to look towards the administrators post and confirmation of shared information. I also follow Dr. Jason Fung at Intensive Dieitary Management . It has worked for me. My last physcial my doctor was giving me high fives! except for the weight gain. but all my other blood work was well within normal limits. Two physcials with blood sugars and pressure improved. I'll take it.

  • I am!

    Thanks, I've bookmarked the site and planned to explore it more later. It's good to hear positive info on it.

    "I've never considered excessive sanity a virtue" Mike Uris, San Antonio Express-News, 2002

  • Nope, trying another method.

    The Keto diet is so sad. I lost several family members who died from doing the low carb, high fat diet. Sure, they lost weight, but they died from cancer and heart disease which was directly linked to their diet. Please do more research before believing the lies about the Keto diet. It could save your life.

  • I am!

    This is very interesting. Would you please provide links to the medical studies that showed this?

    -- Finn!

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    @stu @Angie_G @ESueM

    Catching up a bit here guys! I just got back from LowCarb USA's (.org) West Palm Beach Keto Conference. Check them out.

    Keto is a lifestyle and the science and anecdotal evidence is showing its promise for many health concerns. It is very anti-inflammatory and that alone is a huge reason to implement it. The side affect is weight loss, not really "the reason" to do keto, but lets be real, that is why we all love it.

    Alcohol is a tough one @Stu. The best choices are wines, red then white typically. I love beer on a hot summer day (West Palm recently!) but it has to be a treat. You can get sugar free wine ( ) which is also sulfide free, preservative free and myotoxin free. Dry Farm Wines is the low carb/keto go to. The wines are fermented until all the sugar is gone and are lower in alc. They have their laundry list of things they require in a wine and that is what they purchase. The other aspect of alcohol is that is disrupts some biochemical functions and messes up ketosis. Again, we have to live on this lifestyle plan, limit and appropriately time your alcohol consumption and use Dry Farms! I am sure more products will follow.

    @Angie_G I saw you are having to keep from being hungry and advising to have snacks on hand to keep on track. If you are getting hungry you are still a carb burner and have not kicked in your fat burning metabolism. If you are using fat(producing ketones) to any extent you will not get hungry. It could also be you are not eating enough calories, or enough fat. that is a common problem and takes a bit of tweaking from a knowledgeable keto coach to assist you. I teach an online 5 week course and have one starting 20 Feb: (It is not affiliated with Cronometer)

    You also need to track macros as you mention. It is very common for keto dieters to be malnourished, because they are not doing just that.

    @ESueM be careful with the "high protein keto diet". Keto is carbs to your carb tolerance, moderate protein, and fat to satiety. You can also take the protein part to your protein tolerance as well. Protein can fairly easily be converted to glucose causing your insulin to rise. The big health factor for keto is controlling insulin, so protein has to be watched as well. We have protein settings for keto in Cronometer for that reason.

    Sorry to lump you guys all together, but I wanted to respond and thought this is all stuff the masses need to know as well. Please reply or comment here and I will do my best to assist you guys.

    Keto on and enjoy the journey!


    Best regards,
    Frank Alvarez
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  • Nope, trying another method.

    Actually, the choice I would have chosen is "I am thinking about it." So, I am not in the Keto diet, but I am considering it. That is why I am here in this forum...

  • I am!

    Well Elbuscador I would have to say the first thing that I believe is that Keto is not a "diet" in the modern sense of the word. That is eating a certain way until you lose the weight. For me it is a Way of Eating (WOE) to maintain for the rest of my life. To become a fat burner instead of a carb burner, and to maintain that condition to enhance my physical and mental functioning.

  • Nope, trying another method.

    Well, thank you Jane for pointing that out. I look forward to clarify many of my doubs about KETO in this forum.

  • Question..does cronometer adjust my macros as I lose and log my weight? Or do I need to manually go in and adjust them. I'm down 21 lbs in 4 weeks on keto and intermittent fasting, 18/6.

  • As long as you are logging your weight and making sure that your weight goal is still accurate, then your settings will be adjusted accordingly!

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  • Nope, trying another method.

    I was back in 2013 but I needed a wagon I wouldn't "fall off of" after 6 months so I moved to sticking to a caloric deficit.

  • I got to something resembling keto 3 weeks ago but still above the strict protein and carb limits a bit.

    Keto plus Crono makes calorie deficits almost too easy. Calories are limited to predicted resting metabolic rate. Calories burned by exercise and walking is the daily deficit for fat burning so the more I exercise and move the more fat burned. Typically that's another 4-500 calories. I routinely walk 10,000 steps at work. Weight training doesn't use many calories but it all adds up.

    I want to reduce fat slowly and grow muscle slowly. So far muscle definition looks great in the mirror but not so much new muscle size may be because the fat is coming from muscle mass and I'm an older guy. Absolute strength is increasing very slowly as well. Waist down to 33 inches so far.

    Crono is invaluable to make sure micros are covered. The weekly summaries help with patience and figuring out how the excess carbs are sneaking in.

  • Most Keto calculators are calculating at 0.8 x lean body mass. This Calculator is calculating at 0.8 x Kilogram of lean body mass. Much less protein then recommended. So I think it's incorrect and too low on protein. Too low of protein will cause losses to muscle mass.

  • I raised protein to one gram and might go higher. I'm tending to be 50% higher on carbs too. To compensate skip breakfast and eat in an 8hour window. Maybewhen there is more time off workI'll solve these issues

  • Keto has been wonderful for me. I am 56 years old. I started in April 2017 and have lost 36 pounds and now my big problem is eating enough to keep my weight up! I am finally free of my sugar addiction (as long as I never go back, and I never want to), and the mental clarity and sense of wellness that comes with the keto diet is even better than the weight loss. Doctors who think that long-term keto will damage the organs are just confused -- they think ketosis is a form of ketoacidosis. They don't get much training in nutrition.

    And for the bakers out there, you can make great baked goods! (I know there are purists who think this is a bad idea, but it's worked for me.) I make a great carrot cake, great brownies and cookies, yummy cheesecake, and a couple of really great breads. And the amazing thing is eating one cookie and not feeling driven to eat five more!

  • Has anyone recycled Keto on 1 day and high carb the next. I’m 85 and I cannot give up my carbs totally. I am tryin* this. Have only done for a couple days. Lost a couple pounds. I’m not able to exercise and I’ve gained 20 pounds since I use scooter and walker

  • I am!

    17.4 pounds in 21 days. KETO RULES! And I give all props to Cronometer for making it easy to stick with it.

  • Nope, trying another method.

    i went from 265 to 175 durring 2009-2011, eating whatever i wanted! lol, just as long as i kept track and made sure i was hitting my nutrient targets how ever i felt like for the day. and remember your grade school math. 2200+2300+3400+2000+3700=13,600

    if you divide that by the amount of days, i get 2,720. which for me as a 6'2" male is weight loss. and cron-o-meter automates the whole process for you.

    using cron-o-meter, the lesson i learned is relax have fun, and play the avg.

    I am an amateur. I've been using CRON-O-Meter for 10 years and counting, still learning.....

  • I am!

    I am and loving it

  • I am!

    Keto works for me, I love the foods I can have. I am over a year in maintenance, took me about a year to lose my weight, when I started stalling I added fasting protocols. No more yoyoing up and down all the time. Keto for life.

  • I use Cronometer for my Ketonic diet, however, I really wish I could have a graph display for my ketones. They obviously collect the information, but there appears to be no way to display it except AS AN ENTRY IN THE DIARY.

  • Hi TonyKeto,

    You can view your biometrics in the Trends tab! In the second graph on the page, use the drop-down menu to select a new biometric to display on the chart.


    Karen Stark
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  • I am!

    Yep, it works for me. I'm 63 and have lost 41 lbs since the beginning of September on a Keto/IF nutritional program. Hence my wanting to use Cronometer to make sure I was getting all the nutrients my body needs. The reduction of inflammation from old sports injuries (besides weight loss) was my main goal in ditching grains and other inflammation causing foods from my diet. Bingo! What a difference. The older you get the more you realize the std "American Diet" is a losing proposition.... and it's your health that you are losing.

  • I just started the Ketogenic diet. I'm curious to know how long it will take to get into ketosis. Dr. Mercola's book says 1 week to months, depending on the individual. I don't think I can eat all the fat if I'm not in ketosis. It will make me nervous that I'll just get fatter. I also have high cholesteral, am 5'31/2" and weigh 212 (SO HARD TO WRITE THAT!) I fasted yesterday (adding some bone broth and coconut oil) to hopefully give me a head start. Interested in how long it takes on average to reach ketosis. Thanks for the help.

  • I am!

    @mela I suspect he might be giving the time to become fat adapted, which is different from being in ketosis. You 'should' find yourself in ketosis within the week.

    -- Finn!

  • I am!

    Fat isn't what causes you to get fat... carbs are the cause. We just have it drummed into us from big food and non nutritionally trained MDs that fat is the enemy. Stop consuming high glycemic carbs.... make sure the carbs you are consuming are high in fiber. (mostly green vegetables and greens) Cronometer makes it easy to see how the food you eat stacks up nutritionally. It's an eye opener to see how terrible the standard American diet actually is. No wonder we are way down the list in health around the world.

  • I'm not trying to lose weight, but I have been enjoying the ketogenic diet for that last 6 months. When I started out I had a couple of issues I wanted to address. One WAS weight, but only about 25 Lbs, which I lost in the first 3 months. The other 2 were slight insulin resistance and slightly high blood pressure. I have the insulin resistance on the run, but still, need to take meds for high blood pressure. Also, my triglycerides and HDL went up probably due to my weight loss. From what I read, it may take 6 months to get better post weight loss, and I am now currently in weight maintenance at 165 Lbs. I love this diet, because it makes me feel great, and, I don't get hungry or hangry.
    Yes, I'm not perfect like some of the folks on the hardcore keto sites and have fallen out of ketosis more than once. What I have found though, is that my body has learned about the transition, and I can now get back into ketosis between 2 and 4 days. Intermittent fasting helps with this process, as well as a steaming hot cup of bulletprooof coffee in the morning, featuring either XCT or Brain Octane oil. Cronometer, helps tremendously with gaging my macros, even if I have to estimate quantities sometimes. I also like the Diary text entry feature, to make notes about things I might have changed when I do various body hacks on myself.

  • My M.D. put me on the Ketogenic Diet to lower cholesterol and maintain or lose weight. My cancer meds raised lipids and made me gain weight. I tried going as low as 800 kcal/day with no results and wasn't getting enough vitamins from my diet. So my MD said, let's fix your metabolism and get you burning fat!
    Been three weeks and all is well, Monday is bloodwork day so we will see how it goes. Oncologist says there are zero contraindications with keto and cancer, in fact, keto helps with weight control and inflammation control as well as lessening many of the side effects of cancer treatment.
    First thing I did was spend a week in the library researching this keto thing; I have MS in Exercise Physiology and minor in Nutrition. I was very skeptical but the science is sound, nothing about the background science is flaky or misguided.
    So I'm in! So far so good, getting lots of vitamins and minerals, I have doubled my caloric intake while losing about 1.5 lbs / week. I feel awesomely awesome.
    Only one problem, try as I might I cannot get enough fiber, even with loads of greens and psyllium supplement, anyone have tips on fiber with keto?

    Maria H
    My story:

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    I am!

    I was suffering from inflammation from old sports injuries and my weight had been steadily increasing since my retirement.... of course :-( I've dropped 65 lbs since the beginning of September by changing from the std American carb based diet to the fat based keto diet. That in itself is pretty amazing but the biggest improvement is my ability to walk and move without pain. Inflammation has dropped drastically eating this way. I feel so much better it's amazing. I agree it is tough to eat enough high fiber foods keeping your macros correct. I do it by what you had mentioned.... high fiber vegetables and fruit (low carb berries). I use avocado in my salads. You can add greek yougurt (watch labels for sugar) and Hummus paying attention to the macros again. I also use nuts and seeds that are high fiber but reasonable in carb level and then supplement with psyllium powder. The great thing is having cronometer to monitor where I'm at and what needs tweaking. It's a balancing act but don't get too tied up in hitting every single mark each day. Compared to how we were eating before... this is far healthier and with cronometer we are in the driver's seat of our heath instead of allowing the food industry to make (poor) decisions for us.

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