Keto - any helpful hints for hitting fat and not going over on protein?

I'm new to cronometer and fairly new to keto. I selected the moderate keto setting and my targets are 47 g of protein and 150 g of fat. Carbs are not an issue for me, I've been paleo/primal for a few years. I do the normal stuff - butter, olive oil, avocados - but have not been coming close to my fat macro. On the flip side, my normal day consists of things like eggs, tuna, red meat. I'm finding that this is way too much protein. I had 6 oz. of venison last night for dinner and that alone went over.

Maybe my macro settings aren't correct? I came here after using another tracking product for years. I like this one much better, but need to get my settings dialed in. If anyone can offer some hints/guidance I'd appreciate it! Thanks.

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    OK, to lose weight and do it right, your macro should be 97 gr protein, 87 gr fat and 24 gr nett carbs. You need to burn fat off your body, not from your food. You are so low on protein you will be using muscle instead of fat with the macro you have now! Your current 47 gr of protein fit a 4 foot lady!

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    This is a common problem with this app, it uses kg instead of lbs to determine your protein macros with keto. Do like ketoservices says and calculate it yourself. 0.8-1.0g protein per pound of lean body weight.

    Support is no help, they state their "experts" have kg instead of lbs. I'm guessing someone read a typo, as there is nothing to back it up in any literature about "medical keto" using such drastically low protein intakes.

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    Remember the calculation is for what is estimated to by your lean body mass-not your total weight.

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  • that macro will kill you. how tall are you?

  • I am female, 5'5", 135 lbs.

  • Thank you for your help. I'm guessing this must be a bug in the system when selecting that option. In the old app, I never paid that much attention to the grams, just the percentages. I understand that with keto the percentage isn't a good goal. I will manually put these in and see how it goes! :)

  • I agree that this is a total bug in the system. All other online keto calculators say I should be eating almost double the protein that Cronometer suggests. This totally explains why I felt so hungry even with all those good fats, and why I couldn't hit any other nutrient targets (especially amino acids!) with that kind of number. Cronometer needs to fix this!

  • Hi Dali,

    Cronometer allows you to customize your targets, so you can have complete control over your macro targets! In the High Fat/Ketogenic setting, choose Custom from the drop-down menu beside strictness. Then you can enter in the grams of protein per kg body mass and grams of carbs non-fibre carbs that are right for you.


    Karen Stark
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  • @Dali agreed. I unfortunately upgraded to the Gold version only to find out the calculations for keto macros on this app are completely off. WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY.


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    @KetoNoob Wow.

    "I've never considered excessive sanity a virtue" Mike Uris, San Antonio Express-News, 2002

  • @KetoNoob ~ Thank you for confirming my suspicions, and for reporting it for others to be aware.

    @comanchesue - What is so "wow" about KetoNoob being upset that the pre-sets don't work? Isn't having valid presets one of the main points of paying for a program like this?

  • There is NO SUCH THING as a preset for keto. You need to set it to each individuals macro, depending on lean mass, weight loss or gain wishes etc. It is excitingly easy to change this in Cronometer, which is by far the best product on the market. And we have tested them all, even in European versions. If you would like me to set you up, no problem at all. Give me your login (change the password after I am done), give me your length in cm's and your target. I will set things up with the macro that is correct for you.

    It is really not cool to DUMP ON a software product if you do not yet know how it works. Noobie or not, there are much more important things than a preset. If it was there, it wouldn't help you, you would be using the wrong macro in 99% of the cases.

  • @ketoservices_1 Thank you for weighing in. I must respectfully disagree with your position. If Cronometer would allowed for people to input those factors that YOU intend to use to hand-calculate my macros, then an automatic calculator could be built to allow me to input those different variables and come up with something that is closer than 50% less protein than what most people need.

    However, let's say you are correct that there truly is no such thing as a workable pre-set for keto - or perhaps it is too expensive to build that type of customization I described above. If either of those are true, then Cronometer should delete the Keto-PreSet option altogether. Why put something out there that will be wrong for everyone? Why not refer people immediately to the custom settings to calculate their personal macros for a keto diet?

    It is not ethically, socially or legally responsible to offer pre-sets that are medically dangerous to people who put their faith in this program that is offering PRE-SET KETO MACROS that are so drastically wrong, and about which so many users had commented. It is also financially foolish. I would have happily upgraded to Gold had I been informed from the outset that I needed to use custom macros. Instead, they knowingly deceived me into using presets that are completely wrong, and about which they have received many, many complaints. What kind of company refuses to take feedback from the users upon which they depend for their livelihood? Not a company to which I'll give my money - not unless they are willing to publicly apologize AND make the changes required to stop hurting people.

  • Hi KetoNoob,

    We are still learning so much about nutrition! This is a complex science that is further complicated by how much variability we find from person to person. This is the reason I believe it is absolutely necessary to have the ability to customize your targets in Cronometer. There is a lot of information available in the literature, but at the end of the day I have to find what works best for me and build by diet based on my needs.

    All the best,

    Karen Stark
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  • Believe me, the first thing I delete is the preset. I take 26/135/100 personally, so lots more protein then fat. We make a profile for each customer and each is unique, truly. Even if there was a standard profile, Crono doesn't even support copying profiles. Everyone has their own individual profile...…. Let me partake my flank steak breakfast now at 17.40 local. Live keto, but know how to do it.....

  • Karen, I appreciate your response, but you are ignoring the point. If there is no way to develop accurate pre-set keto macros, PLEASE DELETE THAT OPTION from Cronometer. Instead, advise people on a ketogenic diet to head straight to Custom macros instead. That is the ethical way to do business, and would have gained at least one customer (me) for being honest from the start about this issue.

    By continuing to offer the medically dangerous keto pre-set option after receiving all of this feedback, you are setting Cronometer up for a big lawsuit if someone becomes ill, or heaven forbid, dies from implementing this pre-set option.

    Yes, I know, we all waived liability as a condition of using the program. As a lawyer, I can tell you that those waivers are often useless, or at best, are only confirmed after lengthy and expensive litigation.

    But even if the liability waiver does protect you, is that really how you want to do business? It's not right.


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    Hi Dali,

    Thanks for your feedback - I can tell you are very passionate about this! It was not my intention to miss your point, but to give you the freedom to express your opinion on the forum.

    This is a nutrition tracking tool not meant to replace consultation and advice from your healthcare provider. You should consult with your healthcare provider and consider the associated risks before using our services. Everyone’s condition and abilities are different, and participating in the activities promoted by our services is at your own risk. We encourage you to always put your health, well-being and safety first. We want you to be happy and healthy!

    I am not a healthcare professional licensed to give medical advice (science is my game!) and therefore cannot speak to your perspective, but I can promise that we will discuss your suggestion with the team.


    Karen Stark
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  • Bumping an old(er) topic as I just caught by this as well ... the fat and carb ratios matched recommendation but the recommended protein for here was about half of that recommended by

    It would be nice to get it fixed ... thanks. :)

  • Can you please help. I've set my protein at 0.8 per kilo and carbs (not net) at 50. I've been doing keto for some time but suspect I've been having too much fat. I'm 5'4 and weigh 74k.

  • @Jacqueline59

    A keto diet is usually around 80% of calories from fat; the numbers you suggested sound pretty in-line with keto targets. :)

    Kind regards,

    Susan Macfarlane, MScA, RD
    Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
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  • Thank you xxx

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